Interact members deliver more than medical equipment

July 9, 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a series of articles detailing Interact Club members’ trip to deliver mobility equipment to Kenya. Previous installments ran in the Thursday and Friday editions of the Mohave Valley Daily News.

NAIVASHA, Kenya — A new day brought new challenges, new adventures and new memories to a group of Interact Club volunteers performing a community service project in Kenya as part of Rotary International’s Crutches 4 Africa initiative.

Madelynn MacDonald, a volunteer ambassador, and Dylan Boyd, an adviser, are two Mohave High School students who are part of the group.

“Today’s main theme was supply and demand,” said MacDonald, who is chronicling the trip for the Mohave Valley Daily News. “We got the opportunity to not only distribute the much-needed mobility devices, but other essentials as well.

“We visited two schools and a hospital today. At the disability school, we were able to give school supplies like colored pencils, notebooks, and pens. These are supplies that they appreciate very much and need for the number of children they have.”

After spending some time at the school, the volunteers visited a local hospital.

“The hospital visit was at the end of the day, and we got to donate supplies that were given by the Khatib family from Arizona,” MacDonald said. “One of us got to visit the maternity ward, and the doctor told us that the nebulizer masks we have donated were very much needed for the kids.

“The delivery of many devices was also very special today and show the demand of the devices. One of the women that we delivered a wheelchair to started to laugh and smile and it was priceless to see.”

The volunteers brought more than medical supplies.

“Another special thing we do is handout dresses made out of pillowcases to little children, and they would get the biggest smiles,” MacDonald said. “Just being here three days has shown us so much and given us a lot of new experiences.”