Michael Bowler: Support dedicated young candidates for office

October 25, 2018

Support dedicated young candidates As an old guy, I am impressed with our younger candidates for office who seek to serve as our representatives. Dan Feehan is seeking to serve us as our representative to the House of Representative in Washington, replacing Tim Walz, whose leadership and effectiveness we hope will make him our next governor of Minnesota. Dan, unlike his opponent, has served for two combat tours of duty with Army in Iraq, taught in an inner-city school in Gary, Indiana, and served veterans as a staff member at the Pentagon. He will work hard and effectively for veterans, for good educational programs leading to jobs, and will seek to prevent damaging tariffs against our farmers as well as the removal of health care provisions like pre-existing conditions. His opponent will instead choose to support Trump over what is good for the people of southeastern Minnesota.

Eileen Moeller is running for Winona City Council in our 2nd Ward. Eileen offers to represent both young and old and to move Winona toward taking progressive steps to continue to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to Winona. In her roles with the Great River Shakespeare Festival, on the Board of the Women’s Resource Center, and Fine Arts Commission Eileen has already demonstrated her service to the residents of Winona. Now we need to give her the opportunity to serve as our representative to the City Council. She has the dedication and commitment to listen and respond to her constituents and she will represent us well. So, we have two young candidates with energy and experience who will both listen to us and rise above the status quo agenda of their opponents. These next-next generation candidates deserve out support. Vote Moeller for City Council and Dan Feehan for U.S. House of Representatives!

Michael Bowler, Winona

Feehan knows what’s important

We have a clear choice for Congress in southern Minnesota. At a time when politics seems ugly and divisive, Dan Feehan brings a positive message of service to our country. Dan has spent his life serving others as a teacher in public schools, an Army Ranger serving in Iraq, and at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense. Now, he wants to continue serving by representing us in Congress.

Dan knows the realities of health care in rural areas and will work to ensure affordable health care for everyone and improve access to health care across our state. He will expand coverage for those who fall through the cracks in our current system while strengthening the individual insurance markets that many southern Minnesotans rely on. Dan doesn’t take corporate PAC money, so he will be accountable to his constituents, not the special interests, which will allow him to be our voice for lowering prescription drug prices.

Dan knows that for us to continue to live off and enjoy this beautiful land, we need to protect our environment. His opponent doesn’t “believe in” climate change, but Dan will push for innovations that will protect our climate and encourage 21st century job creation.

I have met Dan several times and seen his interaction with people. He listens and treats people with respect and civility that is often lacking in today’s politicians. He knows what is important to us: healthy communities, a healthy environment and leaders that listen to their constituents and serve with integrity.

Heather Hulett, La Crescent

Johnson should apologize for misleading claims

A recent ad “prepared and paid for” by Eric Johnson asks whether people are “tired of Bryan Van Gorp and his group lying to help get their people on county boards?” In view of the changes made by the county board of commissioners over a period of several years, this is a very strange question. The whole process of naming citizens to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment has been carefully and methodically developed in the past few years.

Now, given term limits on both bodies, openings occur periodically, and all citizens (except those term limited out) are free to apply for the open positions. Interested citizens fill out forms which are evaluated by a group which includes the human resources director and at least one member of the County Board of Commissioners. The top applicants are screened, interviewed, and evaluated by that committee and their recommendation is sent to the full board for a final decision. As a routine part of the process, all applicants must certify that all statements they make on the application and in the interview are true.

The final decision is made by the full board of commissioners. Given that process, it’s hard to see how Dr. Van Gorp could lie to get himself or anyone else on a county board. It seems that Mr. Johnson should apologize.

Bets Reedy, Houston

Marcia Ward is the candidate for me

Election season is the time to decide which candidate best represents your views and who you will support with your vote. I have found through numerous interactions with Marcia Ward that she is that candidate for me. She is seeking re-election for the County Board District 5 seat. I appreciate her measured consideration of issues that come before the board. Her respect for all viewpoints and desire to understand thoroughly the effects that actions taken by the board before making decisions is appreciated by those of us who live and work in Winona County. I share her enthusiasm for the future of the county and I am happy to cast my ballot in support of her.

Melinda Groth,

Winona County

Vote Dan Feehan for Congress

After watching the Feehan-Hagedorn debate on KTTC, I am compelled to write in support of Dan Feehan for representative in the U.S. House for CD 1. Mr. Feehan spoke with insight and forward thinking and clearly puts people first.

On health care, he supports the strengths of the ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare) and wants to work on improving it by addressing costs and access. This means keeping:

Coverage for people with pre-existing conditions

Coverage for essential health benefits such as vaccines, cancer screenings, maternity care, etc.

Coverage for dependents up to age 26 on their parents’ health insurance plan

In contrast, Mr. Hagedorn wants to repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare. Let’s not go backwards to when insurance companies could deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Better health means a better life when living with a chronic condition. Support putting people first, not insurance companies.

Roberta Bumann, Winona

Don’t vote for a political agenda

I have known Marie Kovecsi for several years. She studies every issue that comes before the commissioners before voting. I worked on her first campaign and was impressed by the number of favorable comments she received from voters who had never known her before. Marie is adamant about securing the health and welfare of Winona County citizens. She voted to support a frac sand ban in Winona County that many supported.

Mr. Charron is a proponent of big money interests. Business should always come before health and safety is his philosophy. He brought this mentality to Winona after years of serving Republican interests in St. Paul. I applaud his academic accomplishments, but his philosophy doesn’t belong here.

Factory farms and mining are coming to Winona County. Daley Farms have contributed $5,800 to Charron. Frac sand, Biesanz Quarry, contributed $4,000 to Charron campaign. Is Winona County for sale now to the highest bidder?

Joe Morse defended this county from these extreme influences. No coincidence that since Joe Morse has passed that the resurgence of this cancer comes back. Don’t vote for a political agenda, vote for our children’s future.

Nicholas C. Guy, Winona

Fund helps author visit Winona schools

Oct. 15 and 16 were exciting days in the Winona Area Public Schools as children in all three elementary schools enjoyed a visit from author Mary Bleckwehl. Her visit was funded by the Weinmann Elementary Enrichment Fund, which was started as a memorial to Sue Weinmann, a mother and elementary educator who treasured children as special gifts. Sue was an elementary teacher in the public and private school systems of Winona who approached teaching as more than academics. Teaching was helping children form values through her concern, love and positive attitude. The Weinmann Elementary Enrichment Fund was established in 1998 to provide a financial vehicle that will allow elementary students to experience special enrichment activities and experiences that are fun and exciting for children, beyond the limits of district funding. This fund is set up within the Winona Area Public Schools Foundation. I would like to thank both the Weinmann family for their generous gift and the Winona Area Public Schools Foundation for administering this fund.

Jill Nysee, Rochester