Walker’s marketing stunt won’t work -- Toby Grabs

December 27, 2017

When I read about Gov. Scott Walker’s marketing campaign to attract millennials to Wisconsin, it struck me just how little Gov. Walker and the rest of our Republican politicians know about what’s important to millennials, or really most people for that matter.

Millennials are moving to places that have a heart and soul, not just an expensive marketing campaign. Many millennials want hip places to eat and hang out, and they want social justice and fairness. Many millennials want vibrant downtown city centers where people want to gather and mass transit to get them around. Millennials want to spend time outside in a clean environment -- biking, hiking, backpacking and paddling. Actually, many Americans want these qualities.

Gov. Walker and the Republican Legislature can keep up with their business-as-usual policies, which only serve their campaign donors. That deflating balloon sound we will continue to hear will be the sound of talent, brains and economic impact leaving Wisconsin as people keep fleeing for cities and states with people-centric progressive policies, not just a slick, inauthentic marketing campaign.

Last one out turn off the lights.

Toby Grabs, Baraboo