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Letters To The Editor 11/16/2018

November 16, 2018 GMT

Candidates sought

Editor: It was all about women in the Nov. 6 election.

Women voted and were elected in record numbers. There was a woman wave, especially on the Democratic side. We agree with the Nov. 10 Times-Tribune editorial (“Hear us now? Women rise”) that their successes inspire other women to run.

Four Pennsylvania Democratic women were elected to Congress. The state has an all-male, 18-member congressional delegation. Only seven Pennsylvania women have served in Congress and never more than two concurrently.

Sending four women to Washington is a victory for women in our state since women are chronically underrepresented in all state governance. There are only seven women in the state Senate — 14 percent — and 42 women in the state House, 20.7 percent. Locally, the last woman from Lackawanna County to serve in the state House was Marion Munley 54 years ago.

Because of this stark inequity, Pennsylvania earns a grade of “F” on the 2018 Gender Parity Index, placing us 49th in the nation. Only Mississippi has a worse score.

The midterm results move Pennsylvania toward more equitable leadership on the state level with a gain of four to six seats for women in the Senate and nine or 10 in the House.

That’s a positive trend that we hope continues. The two local political parties can help by nominating women for the upcoming special election for the vacant state House seat in the 114th District.

Progressive Women of NEPA is a registered political action committee. We recruit, train, fund and help elect women to political office. We invite women to join our organization, consider running for office and to encourage women to take action. A campaign training seminar, Ready to Run Northeast Pennsylvania, will take place Saturday at the University of Scranton, starting at 9 a.m.








Vote of gratitude

Editor: The late Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich received an overwhelming vote from many people in Clarks Summit who said with tears in their eyes how much he helped them in the most kind, humane way.

They were all happy to see me wearing his “sweatshirt” and requesting a vote to let his family know just how much he was loved by all of us in Clarks Summit.

Sid really did get the heavy

vote out from heaven.




Offset revenue dip

Editor: The editorial “Tax scam II” (Oct. 25) seems to tell readers that tax cuts passed or proposed are bad for most Americans.

The reasons include the assertion that tax cuts only benefit wealthy people significantly and that federal revenue will be reduced.

As a libertarian, I do not envy anyone who attained his high income honestly. A decline in federal revenue would not be a problem if we eliminate the Department of Education, cut farm subsidies, eliminate the Drug Enforcement Agency, change our foreign policy of intervention in the affairs of other nations, with no more foreign military bases, and simplify the tax system to reduce compliance costs.




Beyond ratings

Editor: It’s highly unlikely that a president who brags about not reading is much acquainted with Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase that “the medium is the message.”

Nonetheless, the president is no doubt an expert at manipulating the TV medium in his messaging. He knows and loves ratings. Before the midterm election, he ramped up his hateful rhetoric at numerous public events with the knowledge that the shameless cable media, including Fox, MSNBC and CNN, are themselves motivated by the same ratings compulsion.

State TV — known as Fox — adoringly and exhaustively covers his lies, while the opposition, MSNBC and CNN, similarly blanket cover his every utterance with their justified outrage. The result is that the more salacious and immoral the president’s rhetoric, the more “all Trump” widespread public exposure there is.

Before we enshrine any TV commentators with whom we agree, we might consider their motivations. I believe there are just a few good people in TV, but mostly they are a bunch of wannabe celebrities; similar to lawyers chasing ambulances.

To defeat the president’s lie that Middle Eastern terrorists are in the caravan of migrants — a white nationalist phrase — and to earnestly seek the truth, contact Doctors Without Borders, who travel with the asylum seekers. They could tell you the facts on the ground. Their spokesmen have written extensively, explaining many aspects of this phenomenon that could enlighten us all. But that would assume that news outlets seek truth and not ratings.

For ratings, it is much cheaper, more effective and certainly easier to repeatedly go to the video clip and bask in viewer reaction, approval or disapproval Consequently too often, the truth may be just another casualty of a ratings battle.




Affront to freedom

Editor: I have thought about the meaning of our national anthem and our flag and what they stand for.

They both stand for freedom. They both stand for valor, honor, respect, tradition, perseverance and justice. They honor the history of our country and the many men and women who have fought and died to make this a great nation, which is the real true meaning of the word sacrifice.

My nephew, Marine Lance Cpl. Jacob Walter Beisel, made his sacrifice in 2006 at age 21. An enemy bullet took his life on the dirty streets of Anbar Province, Iraq.

That brings me to the Nike TV ad, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” I don’t know the name of the football player in the advertisement. I only know him because he started taking a knee during the playing of our national anthem. This shows great disrespect for our American flag and our military.

This is an ignorant act. It was not a sacrifice. The first time he knelt, breaking historic tradition in our nation, he never knew what the consequences would be. A soldier, who puts on the uniform every day, knows the consequences can be the ultimate sacrifice. Just ask a Gold Star family to define sacrifice.

The ungrateful football player is alive. NFL owners who are against letting players follow his example have the respect of millions. We thank them.

I believe that if Jacob were alive today he would be sickened by the acts against our flag, our democracy and our president. It seems like Americans are at war with each other. We the people need to end it.