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Anti-leaking measures criticized at city hearing

November 6, 2019

BELLEVUE, Neb. (AP) — Speakers at a public hearing have criticized a proposal that could lead to the firing of elected officials in an Omaha suburb for leaking information from closed meetings.

The first proposal for Bellevue says dissemination of information from closed sessions by an elected official could result in an “allegation of misconduct.” The second proposal says a finding of misconduct could result in that official’s removal from office.

Former Bellevue Councilman Jim Moudry said at Tuesday night’s hearing that he was troubled by the notion the city would be able to decide what behaviors constitute misconduct.

City Councilman Chuck Fredrick and other said such decisions belong to voters.

Councilwoman Kathy Welch backed the proposals, saying the city holds employees to high standards when conducting city business, so it should be no different for elected officials.