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OshenWatch Luxe: Luxury Smartwatch for Tracking Vital Health, Fitness and Sleep Activity

June 9, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 9 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. OshenWatch Luxe is a low-cost luxury smartwatch that offers all-in-one watch, phone and vital sign monitoring that gives extra health features and fitness functions most timepieces simply do not. The OshenWatch Luxe is not only a superb quality pedometer, a sleep tracker and a heart rate monitor, but it offers so much more versatility.

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular in recent years as consumers everywhere seek to combine fashion and function of different accessories. Wristwatches have been on of the biggest products to see this influx of popularity, showing that they can do a lot more than tell the user what time it is or just look sharp.

Smartwatches provide users with the ability to keep the base function of a watch (i.e. to tell time), while combining it with tech and fitness features. Once dreamt of as part of a distant and high-tech idea, these computer devices have become a major part of most outfits today. There is still plenty of room for this technology to advance, though consumers may be able to find what they need in OshenWatch Luxe.


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What is the OshenWatch Luxe?

The OshenWatch Luxe is on the more affordable side of the products that are on the market today, though it still offers all of the benefits that consumers like to have with these devices, like acting as a health tracker and a mobile phone as well. In fact, one of its star qualities is the impressive accuracy that consumers will find in body the ECG and the oxygen level monitoring, which is helpful for both fitness and general health.

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What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch offers the same base function as a regular watch, but with a few more complicated benefits. While most people a few decades ago wouldve been seeking out a basic watch with the date and time, devices today operate with almost the same widespread benefits that a smartphone offers as well. These watches can store information, offers apps to play games, and provide other capabilities, depending on how advanced the device is.

Smartphones and wearable devices (like smartwatches) can be connected via Bluetooth nowadays, offering a touch screen that operates in the same way as the screen of a phone. Phone calls can be accepted and answered, alarms can be set, and sometimes music can be played. Many smartwatches even have the option of two-way text messaging, email messaging, taking pictures, and more.


A smartwatch gives consumers the advantage of not having to carry around a smartphone in the users hand all the time. Instead, they can check their wrist for a more convenient way of communicating on the go. Theres no risk of dropping a smartphone and costing themselves hundreds of dollars to replace it, since the watch remains secure with the convenient strap.

Features of the OshenWatch Luxe

As a way to make sure that users are familiar with what the OshenWatch offers, there are a few standard functionalities, including:

Current time

An alarm clock

A stopwatch

Mobile device extension

Access to the Find My Phone App


However, the reason that the OshenWatch stands out is the many fitness features as well. Tracking progress is one of the keys to keeping on the right path, which is why consumers will be able to access a calorie counter (to record the number of calories burned) and a pedometer (to track the distances and steps traveled). As an added benefit, consumers can keep track of their heart health as they work out, watching the heart rate monitor and their oxygen saturation to see when they reach the optimal cardio level of their workout. This feature can also be used to track the health of their heart, if they have a heart condition they should monitor.

Offering a waterproof design, consumers will also have their choice of two different straps a brown and black leather or a black and grey metal Milanese. The classic look wont stick out like some fitness smartwatches do, which makes it easy to transition from a workout at the gym to lunch with friends to an afternoon at the office. It works with nearly every phone, and a single charge could possibly last up to 96 hours.

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Buying the OshenWatch Luxe

For one OshenWatch Luxe, the total cost is $109.95, which is fair with all of the impressive features that it comes with. The design appears to be a little more like a classic watch with a brown band and analog hands on the face, but this view can be changed as the user activates the apps and health tracking.

Consumers will have their choice of a few different packages as well, including:

Two OshenWatch Luxes for $219.90

Three OshenWatch Luxes for $247.39

Four OshenWatch Luxes for $302.36

Shipping will vary with the number of watches that the user orders, starting at $8.95 for the single package.

Frequently Asked Questions About the OshenWatch Luxe

There are many vital, pertinent questions surrounding the OshenWatch Luxe and these are the most popular answers to those inquires consumers have about using the All in One Watch, Phone, and Health Monitoring smartwatch.

What smartphone models can safely be linked with the OshenWatch Luxe?

The OshenWatch Luxe is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

How much time can the battery go without charging?

While the length of time that the 380mAH Li-ion battery is not ideal for some consumers, the website indicates that one charge will last through up to 96 hours of regular use. The creators assure that it has a long life and that it can be recharged when the battery is low with the included micro-USB cable.

How big is the OshenWatch Luxe display?

The clear and oversized display offers a 1.3-inch screen.

How can the OshenWatch Luxe help consumers to improve their fitness?

OshenWatch Luxe offers a sleep tracker, a blood pressure monitor (as well as blood oxygen), an ECG, a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and other tools.

Does the OshenWatch Luxe come with a manual?

Yes. A physical manual is provided with the purchase, though consumers can also view it online at

OshenWatch Luxury Smartwatch Summary

The OshenWatch Luxe offers all of the benefits and advantages of a classic smartwatch, but with high accuracy. Though theres a setting for consumers to view the face of the watch like a traditional analog watch, consumers will still be able to track their heart rate and other health data by switching to that setting. The device is easy to operate, even with the advanced technology, and it offers a 1.3-inch display for a clear view of the data.

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