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Kazakh Official Removed For Drunkenness, Incompetence

February 14, 1987

MOSCOW (AP) _ The head of the Academy of Sciences in Soviet Kazakhstan, Askar M. Kunaev, has been removed on charges of drunkenness, nepotism and incompetence and given a strong reprimand, the Communist Party daily Pravda reported Saturday.

It was not clear if Kunaev, 57, is related to former republic party chief Dinmukhamed A. Kunaev, whose removal and replacement with an ethnic Russian in December led to rioting in the Kazakh capital of Alma Ata.

Dinmukhamed Kunaev, 75, was removed from the ruling Politburo last month.

Since Gennady Kolbin was named to replace Dinmukhamed Kunaev, the republic has been undergoing a campaign backed by the official Moscow press to clean up Kunaev’s political machine. The machine has been blamed for increasing ethnic tensions and for deep-seated corruption and inefficiency.

Pravda said the level of work conducted by the academy and the research institutes that come under its control sank in recent years. ″Not one scientific discovery was made and not one license was sold,″ the paper said.

It said that Askar Kunaev, the academy president for 12 years, ″crudely violated the principles of collegiality in leadership, decided questions on his own that demanded collective discussion and ignored critical comments and the advice of specialists.″

″Comrade Kunaev also behaved improperly in the personal sense,″ Pravda said. ″He abused alcoholic beverages, was often absent from the academy.″

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