Study: Several Vermont bumblebee species are declining

December 16, 2018

COLCHESTER, Vt. (AP) — A new study finds that about half of Vermont’s native species of bumblebees are in serious decline or have disappeared.

Vermont Public Radio reports that the Vermont Center for Ecostudies and the University of Vermont point to factors including pesticide use the climate change.

The study released this month also says possible reasons for the bumblebees’ decline could include changes in land use and the introduction of non-native bee species.

Bees thrive in grasslands. Vermont Center for Ecostudies conservation biologist Kent McFarland said as Vermont has re-forested and developed, it has limited where bees can live.

McFarland said changes in land management could slow the decline of bumblebee species. That includes planting wildflowers along roadways and cutting down on unnecessary mowing.

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