Jason Brown, ‘Last Chance U’ coach, resigns after Hitler remark in text to player

February 25, 2019 GMT

Jason Brown, the football coach at Kansas’ Indepedence Community College who appeared in the Netflix series “Last Chance U,” posted a resignation letter Sunday after a report alleged he told a German player on the team, “I’m your new Hitler.”

A local newspaper originally reported on the incident between Brown and the German player, in which the coach called him a “German f---” and wrote “I’m your new Hitler figure out your life.”

To all my fans, supporters, both past and present players, and coaches, please read the following letter that I have posted and please respect my decision. Much love to you all, W.I.N. FOREVER! Once a Pirate always a Pirate! #DREAMU pic.twitter.com/M88TcQKvDQ Coach Brown (@INDYHEADCOACH1) February 25, 2019


It is not clear whether the school asked or forced Brown to resign, but in his letter, Brown blamed the newspaper which he claimed “greatly diminished my ability to successfully do my job, and has set this football program back significantly.”

“Last Chance U” is a sports documentary series chronicling several football players on community college teams trying to return to Division I athletics after mistakes or missteps in their lives.