Trump appoints Gov. Pete Ricketts to serve on trade advisory committee

December 12, 2018 GMT

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has appointed Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts to serve on an advisory committee for trade policy.

“President Trump has been working tirelessly to secure new trade deals for the United States,” Ricketts said in a press release. “From his newly signed deal with Canada and Mexico to bringing American beef back to China, the President has been delivering on his promises. It is an honor to support President Trump’s work in this advisory role as he continues to push for better trade deals for working Americans and our family farmers and ranchers.”

Ricketts quoted the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative stating that the committee would help shape trade policy, including negotiating objectives and bargaining positions, the impact of trade agreements and other matters.

Nebraska and Iowa farmers depend heavily on foreign markets to sell their products. The Trump administration’s tariffs have provoked responses that have hit many farmers hard by driving down crop prices.

A recent Nebraska Farm Bureau report found that the state’s producers have lost as much as a billion dollars in revenue from ongoing trade conflicts.