Return to days of open government -- Casey Garhart

December 5, 2018 GMT

When I moved to Wisconsin nearly 25 years ago, I was proud to live here.

I didn’t always agree with the politicians in power, but I respected them. I believed Wisconsin had honest state government. There was an effort made at transparency. Watchdogs were in place.

Today, it is embarrassing to admit to living in Wisconsin. We have one of the most gerrymandered states in the union. We no longer have anything even approaching transparency in government. And now the Republican Senate and Assembly have decided they need to change the rules of government before Democrats take control of the executive branch.

Democracy is not supposed to just be about hanging on to power at all costs. The majority of people in Wisconsin have said they want a Democratic governor, and I assume they thought that governor would have the same powers as previous governors.

The majority of voters also said they wanted a Democratic-run Assembly, but gerrymandering kept the Republicans in the majority. If you live in Wisconsin, you should feel ashamed that these people claim to represent you.

Let’s get back to the honest and open government Wisconsin used to be famous and envied for.

Casey Garhart, Madison