Top family Christmas activity ideas

December 21, 2018 GMT

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Match your table setting theme with your indoor Christmas decor

Gathering around the table and enjoying a holiday feast is typically the most memorable moment of the season. Try matching the colors and materials (white and gold is a classic choice) used in the main living space as you design a theme for your holiday table setting.

Milk and cookies the night before Christmas

Christmas is all about creating your own special traditions for your family to celebrate every year. Setting out milk and cookies for Santa the night before Christmas is a time-honored tradition — and a chance to enjoy a tasty snack together before heading to bed!

Handmade ornaments for the children’s Christmas tree

Handmade Christmas ornaments not only create precious memories you can save for many years but can also be a fun children’s crafting idea for a Saturday afternoon. If you are worried about the ornaments not matching the décor style of your main tree, we recommend giving the kids their own mini tree to decorate.

Hot cocoa and movie night

Sharing your favorite childhood Christmas movies with your kids is a great way to create lasting memories and a fun family activity. You can host a slumber party in the living room and pair it with a hot cocoa station for the family to pick out their favorite marshmallows and toppings.

Christmas breakfast

After all the presents have been opened on Christmas morning, everyone will have worked up quite an appetite. Ask for helpers that can crack eggs and peel apart biscuits to create a special memory — and keep the kids distracted while you straighten up the living room!