Texas attorney general’s spokesman mocks sex assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh

September 17, 2018

AUSTIN — The spokesman for the state agency pushing greater awareness of sex trafficking trivialized allegations of high school-era sexual assault brought against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Marc Rylander, communications director for Attorney General Ken Paxton, retweeted, “Judge Kavanaugh now being accused of kicking his mother several times … while in the womb.” In another retweet, he shared, “Breaking: Democrats have a witness who says Kavanaugh cheated at Pin the Tail On the Donkey in Kindergarten class.” The tweets were originally shared by Mark Simone, a conservative New York radio host.

The comments come after the sexual assault allegations surfaced from Christine Blasey Ford. She said Kavanaugh and another male classmate, who were both two years older than her, locked her in a bedroom during a high school party in suburban Maryland. She said Kavanaugh tried to pull off her clothes and covered her mouth. She said she escaped the room when the second boy jumped on the bed, causing them to tumble to the floor.

Kavanaugh has said the alleged sexual assault never happened.

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Rylander’s Twitter activity comes just weeks after Attorney General Ken Paxton released an ad that spoke to rape culture. The agency unveiled a commercial with actor Matthew McConaughey speaking to the gravity of the agency’s concern over human and sex trafficking, an issue the agency says is a priority to prosecute. Nearly 79,000 Texas minors and youth are victims of sex trafficking, an activity that forces women into the sex trade, subjecting them to commercialized sexual assault and rape.

Ryland did not respond to requests for comment, although the tweet about Kavanaugh “kicking his mother several times” was deleted from his account Monday afternoon.

Paxton, a Republican, is up for re-election in November.

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