Washington State University, University of Idaho delay classes due to icy conditions

February 14, 2019 GMT

Washington State University in Pullman and University of Idaho in Moscow delayed classes Thursday morning as melting snow turned to ice overnight.

Across the region, temperatures rose significantly Tuesday and Wednesday following two consecutive days of record snowfall. By Thursday morning, temperatures plummeted to the mid-teens, bringing with it patches of ice in the area, said Rocco Pelatti, a Spokane-based National Weather Service meteorologist.

Both colleges delayed classes by two hours. WSU President Kirk Schulz tweeted early Thursday morning for students to be careful of slippery and icy conditions.


Temperatures are expected to rise again in Spokane throughout the day, with highs in the low 30s. In the afternoon, a southerly system will come through, said Pelatti, bringing with it up to 2 inches of precipitation. Because that system is mixing with colder air, it could mean snow, rain, or a mix of the two.

“It’s kind of colliding and there’s a battle going on over what type of precipitation it’s going to be,” said Pelatti.

The city of Spokane announced it would complete an all-city plow Tuesday after about 6 inches of snow on the city, after about 7 inches fell Sunday through Monday.

The city tweeted Thursday it expects to finish plowing residential streets by the end of the day.

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