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History Channel’s “American Pickers” coming to Georgia this winter

November 12, 2016

Attention all collectors, lovers and hoarders of all things classic, antique, old and rusty, the “American Pickers” crew is coming to Georgia this winter to search across the state for aged treasures.

“American Pickers” has been a sensational hit television show on the History Channel since its creation in 2010. It chronicles the cross-country travels of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz in their white van as they sift through various junk-filled properties for items to purchase or “pick” for Mike’s business Antique Archaeology and Frank’s business Frank Fritz Finds.

Antique Archaeology’s original location is in LeClair, Iowa and is often shown being operated by Danielle Colby, who also appears on the show and arranges stops for Mike and Frank. Mike has also opened an Antique Archaeology property in Nashville, Tenn. as the show has grown.

Mike and Frank often follow up on scheduled leads, but also freestyle and make quick decisions to stop at promising properties that look overflowing with antique items. Mike tends to go after aged motorcycles and bicycles, Frank is usually heavily interested in ancient toys, trinkets and oil cans.

They both have a strong penchant for classic automobiles, dated movie posters and old corporate signs.

Anyone in the northwest Georgia area possessing some property or a barn, garage or storage building containing any of these items or any similarly rusted valuables that you would be willing to part with for a some cash, the Pickers could be interested in checking out your stash for the show.

If interested, feel free to call 1-855-653-7878 or email AmericanPickers@cineflix.com to potentially have your collection picked and the opportunity to interact with some of the best antique experts and History Channel television personalities.