Quotables: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s exit

March 29, 2018

In a episode reminiscent of “The Apprentice,” Rex Tillerson got unceremoniously dumped as secretary of State this week via a tweet from President Donald Trump, who announced that CIA Director Mike Pompeo will take his place. Mr. Trump said he and Mr. Tillerson were “not really thinking the same” on such issues as the Iran nuclear deal. Tillerson, the latest among multiple officials to leave the administration in recent weeks, said he would delegate authority of Deputy Secretary John Sullivan, who will serve as acting secretary until Mr. Pompeo is confirmed. And once again, Team Trump finds itself on the defensive amid the public’s perception of disorder in the White House.

“I will now return to private life, private citizen, a proud American, proud of the opportunity I’ve had to serve my country.”

Rex Tillerson

Fired secretary of State

“Tillerson firing may open the floodgates for more conservatives to enter the admin. Peace Through Strength is making its grand return.”

Jordan Schachtel

National security correspondent for the Conservative Review, writing on Twitter

“I think having a secretary of State who’s more compatible with the president, who sounds and thinks more like the president, will actually make some things easier for the administration. On the other hand, Secretary Tillerson was a counterweight to some of the instantaneous, spontaneous, instinctive decisions that the president was prone to make. And I think we’re going to miss the counterweight.”

Michael Hayden

Former CIA director