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Build the wall -- around Washington -- Jack Wood

October 14, 2018 GMT

I have never known why people build walls. They may be effective for a short period, but they have never been effective in keeping out the unwanted over long periods of time.

Troy found that out in 1200 BC. Hadrian’s Wall did little good in 122 AD. Similar results occurred with the Croatian wall of Ston in the 19th century, and with the Berlin Wall built in 1961. But President Donald Trump wants to build a wall even though history does not look favorably on such projects.

So I have been against walls from the beginning, but I have now changed my mind. I am now in favor of building a wall, a rather short in length but tall one with no way in and no way out around Washington, D.C.

The wall would only be about 40 miles long, surrounding 68.34 square miles of land and water. The height would have to be high enough so no one can see over it, and internet and phone jamming systems would have to be installed so no communications of any kind would reach the outside world.

Maybe the jamming systems would not be needed since D.C. does not listen to anything we say now. I would happily donate to start the wall fund.

Jack Wood, Madison