Vermont Fish and Wildlife encouraging people to ice fish

December 29, 2019 GMT

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is encouraging people to try ice fishing this winter.

Fisheries biologist Shawn Good says ice fishing is a fun, social, family-oriented activity and almost anyone can walk out on a frozen lake or pond and fish through the ice.

“For many, it’s not just about the fish,” Good said in a statement. “Kids love ice fishing because they can run around and slide on the ice or play in the snow.”

Good says its normal for new anglers to worry about venturing onto the ice. He says a minimum of three to four inches of clear black ice is safe to walk on.

Anyone who is unsure about ice thickness should call their local bait and tackle shop and go where others have been fishing.

And getting started is inexpensive. An ice auger for boring a hole through the ice is the most expensive piece of equipment, but a simple hand-held auger costs less than $50 and it can be shared with others.

People also need a scoop for cleaning out the holes and an ice fishing rod and reel combo or a couple tip-ups with hooks, weights and bait.