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Drax Project’s favourite thing about Britain is fish and chips

May 18, 2019 GMT

Drax Project’s favourite thing about Britain is fish and chips.

The popular four-piece have thoroughly missed the takeaway, which is also the most popular meal in their home country of New Zealand, whilst they’ve been abroad gigging, however, guitarist Ben O’Leary admitted he isn’t too keen on certain elements of the British version of the cuisine.

In an exclusive interview with BANG Showbiz, Ben, 24, said: “We had fish and chips, it was good because we haven’t been eating a lot of fish and chips recently because we haven’t been in New Zealand.”

Singer Shaan Singh, 25, quickly enquired: “Did you get mushy peas?”


Ben replied: “I did not get mushy peas, the idea of it just doesn’t sit well.”

Shaan added: “You guys put vinegar on your chips as well which is fantastic, I’m into it.”

The group also admitted that despite feeling “very lucky” to work in music, they do miss their family and friends, as well as the fish and chips.

Ben said: “The hardest thing is probably friends and family miss them a lot and we’re very lucky there are four of us, so we’re lucky we’re all experiencing things together. It would be quite lonely I imagine if you were a solo act.”

Drummer Matt Beachen, 25, agreed: “For sure and we’ve just been flat out so we’ve not had time to think, but when there is time to think on the rare occasion, I do miss home, I miss the fish and chips.”

Singer and bassist Sam Thomson, 25, expanded: “I just miss the common things you do on a day to day basis or like the places that you go at home sometime it’s just nice to feel that obvious.”

Shaan added: “It’s actually crazy there’s actually nothing to complain about; literally the only thing I think is hard is being away from family and friends.”

The band’s hit singe ‘Woke Up Late’ featuring Hailee Steinfeld is available on all major streaming services and the accompanying music video starring Liza Koshy is out now.