HS TRACK AND FIELD: Montrose Seizes Control Of Boys And Girls Division IV

April 18, 2019 GMT

CLINTON TWP. — Montrose runners kept crossing the finish line in bunches.

And with each pass, Lackawanna Trail’s hopes for a pair of upsets slipped away.

The depth the boys and girls programs at Montrose displayed in the distance races, sprints and hurdles wore down Lackawanna Trail.

The Meteors and Lady Meteors continued their pursuit of championships in the Lackawanna Track Conference Division IV with wins in a battle of undefeated teams Wednesday afternoon.

Led by Collin Chidester in the hurdles races and Liam Mead in the distance events, Montrose defeated the Lions, 88-53, to win for the 33rd straight time in the division.

“It’s always a good feeling when you do well as a team,” Mead said. “We had great individual efforts throughout the meet. That’s all you can ask for, and hopefully you come away with a win.”

Chalice Guyette dashed to wins in the sprints to lead the Lady Meteors to an 80½-65½ win as they ended the day as the lone unbeaten with two meets remaining as their first division title since 2014 is in their sights.

“I am really happy with the meet,” Guyette said. “We all love to run and we are like a family.”

Montrose piled up

79 points on the track in the boys victory as Chidester, Mead and Henry Rogers each posted individual wins.

In the hurdles, Chidester ran 15.5 seconds in the 110-meter race and a division-best 40.3 in the 300 hurdles, then contributed to a win in the 1,600 relay.

“I always want to go faster,” Chidester said. “Today went well. I wasn’t happy in the 110s, but I was really happy with the 300s, and the 1,600 relay where we just wanted to get a win.”

With Mead cruising and leading the pack in the 1,600 and 3,200 with times of 5:03 and 10:54.3, respectively, the Meteors swept all three places in both. Colin Spellman finished second and Nick Coy was third in the 1,600. Max Brewer and Damien Riley crossed in second and third in the 3,200.

“It feels good to have all three of us come in together,” Mead said. “We have great competition in practice. It’s like we have races every day and that’s what drives us to succeed.”

Montrose also grabbed all three places in the 800 with Spellman winning in 2:09.11. He was followed by Coy, and Gabriel Wilber, who finished third.

Those sweeps gave the Meteors a 27-0 edge in the individual distance races.

“We really knew going in that we needed to get as many points as we could in the distance races,” Spellman said. “Watching our 4-by-8 guys go out and win that race to get us started and then in the mile, we just said we were going to do it, just like we did again in the 800. We just went out there and did it.

“I think we showed a lot of progress in our events as individuals and as a team.”

Montrose’s only win in the field came from Chucky Rohan in the high jump.

Lackawanna Trail stayed in the meet as athletes in the field events earned wins.

Josiah Frank led a sweep in the shot put, Mark Dunckle won the discus, Bryce VanFleet won the javelin and Jared Klepadlo won the long and triple jumps for the Lions.

Cody Moyle added a win in the 100 for Lackawanna Trail’s only victory on the track.

In the girls meet, Guyette posted a time of 12.9 in the 100, then overcame the disappointment of a dropped baton in the 400 relay, to run away with a win in the 200 in 27.6, and also contributed to a win in the 1,600 relay.

“I am always happy with how I run, but I always strive to get better,” Guyette said. “I never feel I am at my top speed, so I will look at it as thinking I could have done better. After the 400 relay, that kind of threw me off a little, but I ran good times.”

Also for Montrose, Lindsey Coy won the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles, Hannah Perkins won the 1,600, Georgia Smith won the 800, Tangi Smith won the long jump, Alicia Barkan won the high jump and Caroline Stack won the pole vault.

Danielle Lamberti won the 400 and Madison Swanchak won the 3,200 on the track for Lackawanna Trail, while Daisy Petty won the shot, Ali Swanchak won the discus, Ellona Spencer won the javelin and Jordan Spencer won the triple jump.

In other boys meets, Mountain View defeated Elk Lake, 76-55. Joe Jackson won the 100, 200, 400 and ran on a winning relay team for the Eagles.

Susquehanna beat Blue Ridge, 81-62, as Mason Deakin won the 100, long jump and triple jump for the winners.

In Division III, Mid Valley and Lakeland set up their battle of unbeaten teams next week.

The Spartans defeated Carbondale Area, 134-16. Christian Chakiris won the 100 and 200, Josh Vituszynski won the 1,600 and 3,200, Zach Rebar took the shot and discus, and Marshall Macknosky won the long and triple jumps for Mid Valley.

Lakeland won for the 39th straight time. Thomas Pidgeon won the 100 and 400, and ran on a winning relay for the Chiefs.

And Riverside ended a 14-meet losing streak in the division with a 76-65 victory over Holy Cross.

Michael Kazmierczak won the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles, and Tyler Carey won the 100 and 200 for the Vikings.

Montrose 88

Lackawanna Trail 53

3200 Relay: Montrose (Riley, Brewer, Summerville, Lyden) 9:25. 110 Hurdles: Colin Chidester (MON) 15.5, Thompson (MON), Moyle (LT). 100: Cody Moyle (LT) 11.9, Kerr (MON), Lewis (MON). 1600: Liam Mead (MON) 5:03, Spellman (MON), Coy (MON). 400 Relay: Montrose (Rohan, Rogers, Kerr, Lewis) 45.6. 400: Henry Rogers (MON) 53.2, Gilhool (MON), Jones (LT). 300 Hurdles: Colin Chidester (MON) 40.3, Thompson (MON), Moyle (LT). 800: Colin Spellman (MON) 2:09.11, Coy (MON), Wilbur (MON). 200: Henry Rogers (MON) 23.9, Lewis (MON), Kerr (MON). 3200: Liam Mead (MON) 10:54.3, Brewer (MON), Riley (MON). 1600 Relay: Montrose (Rohan, Chidester, Thompson, Rogers) 3:44.3. Shot: Josiah Frank (LT) 40-4, Dunckle (LT), Rodenbach (LT). Discus: Mark Dunckle (LT) 122-5, Schirg (LT), Clark (MON). Javelin: Bryce VanFleet (LT) 134-8, Frank (LT), Beeman (MON). Long: Jared Klepadlo (LT) 18-1, Jones (LT), Lewis (MON). Triple: Jared Klepadlo 38-0, Jones (LT), Thompson (MON). High: Chucky Rohan (MON) 5-4, Cresswell (LT) and Wallace (LT), tie. Pole: None.

Records: MON 3-0, LT 2-1.

Mountain View 76, Elk Lake 55

3200 Relay: Elk Lake (Johnson, Decker, Quinnan, Staff) 9:55. 110 Hurdles: MattDougherty (MV) 18.0, Striefsky (MV), Brewer (EL). 100: Joe Jackson (MV) 12.3, Fortner (MV), Jones (MV). 1600: Peyton Jones (EL) 5:05, Johnson (EL), Long (MV). 400 Relay: Mountain View (Fortner, Jones, Grunwald, Striefsky) 52.0. 400: Joe Jackson (MV) 57.4, Way (EL), Atkins (EL). 300 Hurdles: Matt Dougherty (MV) 48.5, Striefsky (MV), Brewer (EL). 800: Noah Staff (EL) 2:22, Decker (EL), Johnson (EL). 200: Joe Jackson (MV) 25.7, Pryer (EL), Fortner (MV). 3200: Peyton Jones (EL) 12:09, Long (MV). 1600 Relay: Mountain View (Jackson, Dordey, Fortner, Grunwald) 3:58. Shot: Evan Clarkson (MV) 34-1½, Staff (EL), Woodhead (EL). Discus: John Pearce (MV) 83-6½, Malcolm (EL), Carpenetti (MV). Javelin: Malcolm Staff (EL) 111-6, Pryor (EL), Carpenetti (MV). Long: Matt Dougherty (MV) 17-5, Grunwald (MV), Quinnan (EL). Triple: Ty Grunwald (MV) 33-1, Quinnan (EL), Jones (MV). High: No contest. Pole: No contest.

Records: MV 2-1, EL 1-2.

Susquehanna 81, Blue Ridge 62

3200 Relay: Susquehanna (John Jenkins, Austin Gow, Val White, Chayce Quaranta) 12:00.24. 110 Hurdles: David Hill (BR) 20.1, J. Heckman (SUS). 100: Mason Deakin (SUS) 11.9, B. Gentile (BR), B. Perry (SUS). 1600: Austin Gow (SUS) 4:51.9, J. Condon (BR), J. Birtch (BR). 400: Cody Warner (SUS) 56.9, B. Perry (SUS) W. Wojtkowski (BR). 400 Relay: Blue Ridge (Dylan Stone, Eli McArthur, Mason Conklin, Brandon Gentile) 49.2. 300 Hurdles: JD Heckman (SUS) 55.43. 800: Jake Birtch (BR) 2:27.87, C. Quaranta (SUS), D. Stone (BR). 200: Brandon Gentile (BR) 25.3, B. Perry (SUS), C Warner (SUS). 3200: Austin Gow (SUS) 10:58.81, V. White (SUS), J. Condon (BR). 1600 Relay: Blue Ridge (Wesley Wojtkowski, Mason Conklin, Brandon Gentile, Jack Condon) 4:01.72. Shot: CJ Stone (SUS) 39-11½, D. Hill (BR), M. Bednarchik (BR). Discus: David Hill (BR) 106-7, C. Stone (SUS), C. Mills (BR). Javelin: Adam Rockwell (SUS) 131-4, C. Stone (SUS), D. Hill (BR). Long: Mason Deakin (SUS) 18-7½, R. Mills (BR), D. Sherwood (BR). Triple: Mason Deakin (SUS) 39-1½, R. Mills (BR), D. Sherwood (BR). High: CJ Stone (SUS) 5-6, M. Deakin (SUS). Pole: Jake Birtch (BR) 9-6, E. McArthur (BR).

Records: SUS 1-2, BR 0-3.

Mid Valley 134

Carbondale Area 16

3200 Relay: Mid Valley (Jo. Vituszynski, Ja. Vituszynski, Snee, Pacyna) 9:58.3. 110 Hurdles: Josh Zarnowski (MV) 15.8, Dalzell (MV), Kerl (CAR). 100: Christian Chakiris (MV) 11.3, Rivera (MV), Macknosky (MV). 1600: Josh Vituszynski (MV) 4:51.1, Snee (MV), Corty (CAR). 400 Relay: Mid Valley (Rivera, Zarnowski, Macknosky, Chakiris) 46.4. 400: Shane Rosencrans (MV) 52.8, Piorkowski (MV), Acosta (CAR). 300 Hurdles: Gideon Dalzell (MV) 42.7, Ferke (MV), Cortazar (MV). 800: Sebastian Brudnicki (MV) 2:06.3, Pacyna (MV) Bennici (MV). 200: Christian Chakiris (MV) 23.2, Rosencrans (MV), Acosta (CAR). 3200: Josh Vituszynski (MV) 10:30.9, Jake Vituszynski (MV), Snee (MV). 1600 Relay: Mid Valley (Piorkowski, Rosencrans, Chakiris, Brudnicki) 3:54.6. Shot: Zach Rebar (MV) 43-1, Darrin (MV), Budzinski (MV). Discus: Zach Rebar (MV) 118-4, Rossetti (CAR), Darrin (MV). Javelin: Adam Berardelli (MV) 154-1, Rossetti (CAR), Rebar (MV). Long: Marshall Macknosky (MV) 18-11, Talluto (MV), Acosta (CAR). Triple: Marshall Macknosky (MV) 36-11, Rosencrans (MV), Keri (CAR). High: Vinny Talluto (MV) 5-4, Piorkowski (MV), Acosta and Grizzanti (CAR), tie. Pole: Josh Zarnowski (MV) 9-6, Grizzanti (CAR), Wolo (MV)

Records: MV 3-0, CAR 0-3.

Lakeland 107, Dunmore 43

3200 Relay: Lakeland (Lewis, C.Vigil, Chup, McGowan) 9:07. 110 Hurdles: Chase Nolan (LAK) 16.2, Aquino (DUN), Reilly (DUN). 100: Thomas Pidgeon (LAK) 11.4, Good (LAK), Dawkins (DUN). 1600 Christopher Noldy (LAK) 4:52, Liuzzo (LAK), Escobar (DUN). 400 Relay: Lakeland (N.Vigil, Good, Snipes, Wentovich). 44.6. 400: Thomas Pidgeon (LAK) 52.2, McDade (DUN), Holt (DUN). 300 Hurdles: Jake McNeff (DUN) 43.8, Nolan (LAK), Lewis (LAK). 800: Noah Chup (LAK) 2:08, McGowan (LAK), Alunni (DUN). 3200: Zach Reeves (LAK) 11:02, Bootz (LAK), Noldy (LAK). 200: Jakob Snipes (LAK) 23.1, Good (LAK), Wentovich (LAK). 1600 Relay: Lakeland (Lewis, M. Pidgeon, T. Pidgeon, Chup) 3:36. Shot: Kyle Harrity (DUN) 36-1, Thomas (LAK), Sabia (DUN). Discus: Timmy Prawdzik (LAK) 123-0, Thomas (LAK), Sabia (DUN). Javelin: Tyler Overholtz (DUN) 134-11, Thomas (LAK), Mellon (LAK). Long: Charles Valvano (DUN) 19-3, N.Vigil (LAK), Mellon (LAK). Triple: Charles Valvano (DUN) 37-7, Chup (LAK), N.Vigil (LAK). High: Muhammed Moore (DUN) 5-6, Mellon (LAK) and Wentovitch (LAK), tie. Pole: Nathan Vigil (LAK) 11-6, Good (LAK), Davis (LAK).

Records: LAK 3-0, DUN 1-2.

Riverside 76, Holy Cross 65

3200 Relay: Riverside (Genell, Walsh, Godlewski, Beck) 9:34. 110 Hurdles: Michael Kazmierczak (RIV) 17.1, Carey (RIV), Marsh (HC). 100: Tyler Carey (RIV) 11.3, Cole (RIV), Calciano (HC). 1600: Andrew Healey (HC) 4:42.7, Beck (RIV), Jumper (HC). 400 Relay: Riverside (Reed, Souriyavong, Carey, Collins) 46.4. 400: Connor Tone (HC) 54.5, Reed (RIV), Tokash (HC). 300 Hurdles: Michael Kazmierczak (RIV) 45, Marsh (HC), Patel (RIV). 800: Gavin Beck (RIV) 2:14, Walsh (HC), Roever (HC). 200: Tyler Carey (RIV) 23.6, Tone (HC), Souriyavong (RIV). 3200: Andrew Healey (HC) 11:26.4, Jumper (HC), Lee (HC). 1600 Relay: Holy Cross (Walsh, Tohask, Calciano, Tone) 3:57.1. Shot: Jake Rasimovich (HC) 40-10, Kneiss (RIV), Kalinich (HC). Discus: Collin Kneiss (RIV) 112-6, Rasimovich (HC), Kalinich (HC). Javelin: Nick Brooks (HC) 125-1, Rine (HC), Kneiss (RIV). Long: Brandon Reed (RIV) 18-1½, Schuster (HC), Collins (RIV). Triple: Patrick Bennie (HC) 37-8, Meredick (RIV), Kazmierczak (RIV). High: Bryce Collins (RIV) 6-0, Gonzalez (RIV), Schuster (HC). Pole: No contest.

Records: RIV 1-2, HC 1-2.


Shyanne Bennett won the 800 and the javelin, and ran on two winning relays to lead Elk Lake past Mountain View, 66-59, in Division IV.

Elsewhere, Holly Geyer won the 1,600 and 3,200, and Gia Fiore won the 800 and the long jump to lead Blue Ridge to a 70-54 win over Susquehanna.

In Division III, both Mid Valley and Lakeland won to remain undefeated heading into their meet next week.

Avery Rebar finished second in the shot put, but set a school record with a mark of 31-1, and Becca Laboranti won the 100, 200, and 400, and Morgan Bialy won the discus and high jump for Mid Valley in a 91-54 win over Carbondale Area.

Mikayla Marino won the shot, discus and javelin, and Sarah Wanat won the triple jump and high jump for Lakeland, which defeated Dunmore, 105-45, for its 40th straight dual-meet win.

Kate Rogers won the 100 hurdles and the 300 hurdles, and Molly Repecki won the 1,600 and 3,200 to lead Holy Cross to a 76-65 win over Riverside.

Montrose 80½

Lackawanna Trail 65½

3200 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Beemer, Litwin, Fahey, Swanchak) 11:44. 100 Hurdles: Lindsey Coy (MON) 17.7, Davis (LT), Beemer (LT). 100: Chalice Guyette (MON) 12.9, T. Smith (MON), Jagoe (LT). 1600: Hannah Perkins(MON) 5:28, James (LT), Fahey (LT). 400 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Lamberti, Jagoe, Spencer, Burnell) 54.8. 400: Danielle Lamberti (LT) 1:08.5, Wetzel (LT), Stuenzi (LT). 300 Hurdles: Lindsey Coy (MON), 54.6, Beemer (LT), Dalton (LT). 800: Georgia Smith (MON) 2:32, Perkins (MON), James (LT). 200: Chalice Guyette (MON) 27.6, Smith (MON), Burnell (LT). 3200: Madison Swanchak (LT) 13:52.5, Bixby (MON), Fanhey (LT). 1600 Relay: Montrose (Guyette, G. Smith, H. Perkins, L. Coy) 4:27.9. Shot: Daisy Petty (LT) 25-7, Jennings (MON), Hundley (MON). Discus: Ali Swanchak (LT) 65-10, Jennings (MON), Hundley (MON). Javelin: Ellona Spencer (LT) 71-8, Hundley (MON), Fiorini (LT). Long: Tangee Smith (MON) 13-4¼, G. Smith (MON), Stuenzi (LT). Triple: Jordan Spencer (LT) 31-0, G. Smith (MON), Coy (MON). High: Alicia Barkan (MON) 4-8, Spencer (LT), Swanchak (LT) and Stack (MON). Pole: Caroline Stack (MON) 6-0.

Records: MON 3-0, LT 2-1.

Elk Lake 66, Mountain View 59

3200 Relay: Elk Lake (Bennett, S.Bosscher, Chotkowski, Jones) 13:27. 100 Hurdles: Ava Pressley (MV) 21.1. 100: Holly Galvan (MV) 14.3, Barhite (MV), McCarry (EL). 1600: Krista Jones (EL) 7:24, Bosscher (EL). 400 Relay: Mountain View (Pressley, Galvin, Siegnious, Barhite) 59.0. 400: Sydney Barhite (MV) 1:12.9, Strech, (MV), Chotkowski (EL). 300 Hurdles: Destiny McCarey (EL) 59.7, Presley (MV). 800: Shyanne Bennett (EL) 3:10, S.Bosscher (EL). 200: Holly Galvin (MV) 31.0, Streich (MV), McCarey (EL). 3200: Krista Jones (EL) 14:13. 1600 Relay: Elk Lake (S.Bosscher, Jones, Chotkowski, Bennett) 4:51. Shot: Miranda Button (MV) 27-1¾, Day (EL), Bosscher (EL). Discus: Miranda Button (MV) 72-1, M.Bosscher (EL), Day (EL). Javelin: Shyanne Bennett (EL) 80-5, Zrowka (MV), Day (EL). Long: HollyGalvin (MV) 11-9½, Seignious (MV), Zajaczkowski (EL). Triple: Sydney Barhite (MV) 25-2, M.Bosscher (EL). High: Mercedes Zajaczkowski (EL) 4-4. Pole: No contest.

Records: EL 2-1, MV 1-2.

Blue Ridge 70, Susquehanna 54

3200 Relay: No race. 100 Hurdles: McKenzie Rhone (SUS) 17.3, K. Wdowiak (BR). 100: McKenzie Rhone (SUS) 13.3, G. Fiore (BR), M. Carmodey (SUS). 1600: Holly Geyer (BR) 6:40.2, C. Robinson (BR), K. Conklin (BR). 400: Karris Fazzi (BR) 1:06.5, J. Krall (SUS), L. Cramer (SUS). 400 Relay: Susquehanna (Jenna Krall, Maura Carmody, Laurania Cramer, Cora Hadden) 1:03.28. 300 Hurdles: McKenzie Rhone (SUS) 51.21, K. Fazzi (BR). 800: Gia Fiore (BR) 3:02.2, K. Fazzi (BR), A. Tomassacci (BR). 200: McKenzie Rhone (SUS) 28.6, K. Wdowiak (BR), G. Fiore (BR). 3200: Holly Geyer (BR) 15:17.8, K. Conklin (BR). 1600 Relay: Susquehanna (Jenna Krall, Laurania Cramer, Maura Carmodey, Adriana Zebrowski). Shot: Bethany Burns (SUS) 30-4¼, Bonner (BR), M. Towner (SUS). Discus: Anna Bonner (BR) 73-2, R. Rockwell (SUS), A. Iveson (SUS). Javelin: Rachel Rockwell (SUS) 65-1, L. Andusko (BR), A. Iveson (SUS). Long: Gia Fiore (BR) 10-7¾. Triple: Kara Wdowiak (BR) 27-1½. High: Kara Wdowiak (BR) 4-1, J. Krall (SUS). Pole: No event.

Records: BR 1-2, SUS 0-3.

Mid Valley 91

Carbondale Area 54

3200 Relay: Mid Valley (Snee, Davies, Adolfson, Haefele) 12:26.8. 110 Hurdles: Daelyn Karboski (MV) 18.9, Cosklo (CAR), Cost (CAR). 100: Becca Laboranti (MV) 13.2, K. Laboranti (MV), Arnese (CAR). 1600: Gabby Snee (MV) 6:03.9, Ursich (CAR), Silfee (CAR). 400 Relay: Mid Valley (Ma. Bialy, Karboski, K. Laboranti, Haefele) 55.1. 400: Becca Laboranti (MV) 1:03.3, Adolfson (MV), Wallace (CAR). 300 Hurdles: Daelyn Karboski (MV) 58.4, Cosklo (CAR), Cost (CAR). 800: Morgan Haefele (MV) 2:50.9, Davies (MV), Silfee (CAR). 200: Becca Laboranti (MV) 28.5, K. Laboranti (MV), Marrero (CAR). 3200: Rachel Korty (CAR) 12:37.5, Snee (MV). 1600 Relay: Carbondale Area (Mancuso, Shiavone, Cosklo, Korty) 5:23.8. Shot: Sarah Kolty (CAR) 33-5½, Avery Rebar (MV) 31-1 (school record), Mo. Bialy (MV). Discus: Morgan Bialy (MV) 93-6, Rebar (MV), Tolerico (CAR). Javelin: Sarah Talerico (CAR) 85-6, Muta (CAR), Rebar (MV). Long: Morgan Haefele (MV) 13-9, Mancuso (CAR), Arnese (CAR). Triple: Gianna Arnese (CAR) 25-11½, Nemitz (MV), Muta (CAR). High: Morgan Bialy (MV) 4-4, Mancuso (CAR), Muta (CAR). Pole: Daelyn Karboski (MV) 7-0.

Records: MV 3-0, CAR 0-3.

Lakeland 105, Dunmore 45

3200 Relay: Lakeland (Arendt, Cerminaro, Stetta, Prall). 11:37. 110 Hurdles: Mia Chiaro (DUN) 17.0, O’Donnell (LAK), Rissmiller (LAK). 100: Abby Springer (DUN) 13.9, Zimmer (DUN), O’Donnell (LAK). 1600: Olivia James (LAK) 6:13, Hilson (DUN), Lucas (DUN). 400 Relay: Dunmore (C.Amico, Springer, DeSando, Chiaro). 54.4. 400: Addie Piraino (LAK) 107.9, Paul (LAK), Zimmer (DUN). 300 Hurdles: Mia Chiaro (DUN) 50.0, Alunni (DUN), Rismiller (LAK). 800: Skylar Arendt (LAK) 2:34, Setta (LAK), James (LAK). 3200: Camryn Cerminaro (LAK) 14:11, Paul (LAK), Meade (DUN). 200: Abby Springer (DUN) 27.9, Piraino (LAK), Stefalo (LAK). 1600 Relay: Lakeland (Pirano, Stefalo, Setta, Arendt). 4:31. Shot: Mikayla Marino (LAK) 36-5, Case (LAK), Reid (LAK). Discus: Mikayla Marino (LAK) 117-2, Case (LAK), Sanko (LAK). Javelin: Mikayla Marino (LAK) 90-1, Bales (LAK), Sanko (LAK). Long: Jillian DeSando (DUN) 15-6, Wanat (LAK), Rissmiller (LAK). Triple: Sarah Wanat (LAK) 32-7, DeSando (DUN), Bales (LAK). High: Sarah Wanat (LAK) 5-0, Piraino (LAK), Marishak (DUN). Pole: Sydney Bryla (LAK) 8-0, Dippre (LAK), DeSando (DUN).

Records: LAK 3-0, DUN 1-2.

Holy Cross 76, Riverside 65

3200 Relay: Holy Cross (Tomaine, Farrell, Allardyce, O’Connor) 13:55.8. 100 Hurdles: Kate Rogers (HC) 16.8, Meredick (RIV), Lacavazzi (RIV). 100: Paige Olanovich (RIV) 13.0, Rogers (HC), Karpinski (RIV). 1600: Molly Repecki (HC) 5:48, Ferguson (HC), Allardyce (HC). 400 Relay: Riverside (Perfilio, McKeefery, Karpinski, Olanovich) 55.6. 400: Paige Olanovich (RIV) 1:08.1, McKeefery (RIV), Skrutski (HC). 300 Hurdles: Kate Rogers (HC) 50.8, Meredick (RIV), Penny (RIV). 800: Alex Tomaine (HC) 2:41.7, Ferguson (HC), McKeefery (RIV). 200: Madelynn Perfolio (RIV) 29.8, Rogers (HC), Kranick (HC). 3200: Molly Repecki (HC) 12:37.5, O’Connor (HC), Terrell (HC). 1600 Relay: Holy Cross (Skrutski, Telmanie, Calciano, Talbot) 5:17.9. Shot: Maria Laboy (RIV) 29-8, Jones (RIV), Nenish (RIV). Discus: Maria Laboy (RIV) 73-6, Timms (RIV), Nenish (RIV). Javelin: Gianna Calciano (HC) 89-5, Capone (HC), Laboy (RIV). Long: Madelynn Perfilio (RIV) 15-8½, Stec (HC), Kranick (HC). Triple: Madelynn Perfilio (RIV) 31-5, Kranick (HC), Persell (HC). High: Erin Pearsall (HC) 4-8, Olanovich (RIV), Stec (HC). Pole: No contest.

Records: HC 2-1, RIV 0-3.