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Voters support Evers’ Medicaid plan -- John Finkler

May 6, 2019

How long is it going to take for Republican lawmakers to stop pretending that the November election in Wisconsin never happened?

The latest example: Republicans on the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee have already rejected Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ state budget proposal to accept $324 million in federal funding for an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Gov. Evers’ proposal would provide much-needed health care coverage to 82,000 people in Wisconsin.

Gov. Evers strongly supported the Medicaid expansion in his campaign, while Republican incumbent Gov. Scott Walker consistently opposed it.

Gov. Evers won the election. Walker lost. A Marquette poll in April indicated strong 70% support for the Medicaid expansion, with only 23% opposed.

Voters clearly wanted change in 2018. They still do. They want a bipartisan approach, not one-party rule. It’s time for the arrogance of Republican lawmakers to stop in Wisconsin.

Providing health care coverage to 82,000 of our fellow citizens is a great place to start.

John Finkler, Middleton

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