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Republicans dishonor our state -- Steve Pearson

December 8, 2018 GMT

Wisconsin Republican lawmakers have shown us the template for how to destroy trust in democracy and potentially democracy itself.

Make all the arguments you want about what they did being “legal.” It was deceitful, spiteful and injurious to the people and the state of Wisconsin in so many ways. They evidently think these tactics worked in North Carolina, so they could get away with them here, but we cannot stand for this without consequences.

We need to take names and make sure the people responsible for this pay a heavy political price. These people carefully charted out their course and took a calculated risk that their shortsighted ugly intentions would somehow pay off politically in the long run.

We cannot let that happen. The political price must be steep.

We are better than this. Our good name and honor have been tarnished in the name of petty political disdain. More protests? Recalls? Take names -- and let’s not forget.

Steve Pearson, La Crosse