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Pet owner warning: 19 snake bites in less than 2 weeks

May 11, 2019 GMT

The return of warm weather to the Triangle means that snake attacks on pets are climbing.

According to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Cary, there have been 19 snake bites in less than two weeks in three different locations in the Triangle.

Vets say snakes are known as ambush predators, making it easy for them to strike a dog or cat that is just walking through the neighborhood.

Two days ago, a Triangle dog named Ludo lost his playful demeanor, his owners say.

At 9 p.m., the 7-month-old pup came through his doggy door whimpering and limping. He had been bitten by a copperhead snake.

“We were surprised,” said Christina Choy, his owner. “We were up until 2 o’clock, making sure he would be OK with the pain meds he had.”

Veterinarian Dr. James Weaver said he recently treated four snake bites in one night.

“Unfortunately, we have a lot of snakes in this area,” he said. “They are part of our lovely state and, unfortunately, our pets come in contact with them.”

Ludo received pain meds and some lab work as part of his treatment regimen.

“I thought, before, they would have to give him all types of fluid and antivenom,” Choy said. “I wasn’t for sure he would bounce back.”

Weaver said most of the bites he’s seen occurred at night.