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Letter: Preserve elder care program

June 16, 2017 GMT

Preserve elder care programRealizing that budget cuts must be made, we ask all Connecticut legislators to reject all proposed cuts to vital home care services and respite available through the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders.My wife, Pat, and I are legislative advocates for AARP in Connecticut.In 2015 we worked on passage of The Care Act. It was called a “good common sense law” by many of the senators and representatives.During the course of our advocacy, we facilitated several sessions where we had discussions with caregivers and loved ones in an attempt to learn what their fears and what their realities were.The one overriding message was that they were afraid, they did not know where to turn for help.Many in the audiences spoke to the availability of help from the state of Connecticut. Yes, there were programs in place to help them. They realized that short of those vital programs, there was nowhere else to turn.We ask that all lawmakers again act with “good common sense” and do not stop access to adult day care and other crucial services that assist family caregivers.Family caregivers have big responsibilities, ranging from administering medications, nursing tasks, coordinating doctor appointments and more. They don’t complain. They act out of love and ask little in return.What we all must complain about is the budget cuts that will close access to the Home Care Program that seniors and their families depend on. This is unacceptable.Please give families the support they need to keep loved ones safe and at home — where they want to be.Richard and Patricia BrightSeymour