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Forgive, recognize goodness

January 18, 2018

WOODLAND, WA — Easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s an acronym for FORGIVE that came to me while writing “How to Live Happily Ever After: Cinderella is doing it and you can too.” FORGIVE: Focus On Recognizing Goodness In Virtually Everyone.

I shared that thought with my meditation group last night (we meet once a month). Forgiveness was the topic our leader, Klazina Dobbe, started the meeting with.

Even though I don’t usually share something that will be in an upcoming book (Cinderella will be out in January) I felt moved to share the enlightened thought. It caused quite a stir as each person considered the meaning.

What I didn’t expect was an amazing event I experienced in meditation as the twenty women and I sat around the fire in the middle of the cozy meditation room. I have to go back about ten years and fill readers in on why this experience was so significant.

It was about ten years ago that after meditating for 30 minutes or so I did my usual process of allowing my inner being to play with me in my imagination.

I’d been experiencing a lot of frustration toward one particular person, and I’ve learned that whenever I indulge in animosity toward someone, the law of attraction feeds me more people to be frustrated with.

It’s sort of like when a negative remark on Face Book shows up and begets a whole bunch more like thoughts.

So in my “playtime,” I’d visualized the one person that was at the center of my hostility and two more people whom I’d not been able to focus on their goodness showed up and I watched each one go up a staircase to a small, sleek aircraft.

As each one got to the door he/she turned and waved the way presidents do when they enter Air Force One. In my imagination I watched them disappear into the jet and then I watched the jet taxi the runway, take off and disappear into the sky.

At the time it was a wonderful relief to have them gone out of my mind! It tickled me how easy it was to have them out of my hair (or really the organ that is under my head of hair). And they’d stayed pretty much gone for ten years!

This brings readers up to speed so I can share what happened last night in a guided meditation. I was enjoying the beautiful garden I was led to imagine. I was able to fly, slow as if I were under water and as fast as a hummingbird.

I danced in flames, I swum underwater, I cuddled with a lion family and played with children I’d never met before. And then at some point I looked straight into the eyes of the three I’d sent off on Goodbye Air!

They were beautiful (it makes me cry as I write this) and filled with light and love. We were consumed in a four-way love fest. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I drank in the love.

It was a profound moment for God to show me what I’d been missing when it came to these children of His. I’m still in such a grateful vibration over this. One of those three has passed away, but two of them are still here in this physical world.

The next time I see either one of them (and I will) our meeting will not be awkward, because I’ve changed. Something healed within me as I was able to finally focus on recognizing the goodness in virtually everyone.

I highly recommend the Goodbye Air exercise, but to really heal oneself, they might try asking God (or whatever name is used for Him or Her) to show oneself how He/She sees the person that they are mad at. I guarantee that persons that do this will be shocked.

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