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Blaux Personal Air Conditioner: Reviewing the Mini AC and Portable Space Cooler

June 11, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 11 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. The Blaux Portable AC works as a cooling fan, and humidifier for any room the user wishes. Delivering rapid cooling relief in only 30 seconds, this portable AC unit doesn’t need an electrical outlet and only needs to be filled with tap water through its top to begin cooling the air.

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Now, lets review the inner workings and highlight all of the available features for the most popular personal air conditioning unit on the market today, the Blaux Portable AC and see how it helps consumers stay cool and comfortable during rising temperatures with portable convenience.

Why Should People Choose the Blaux Portable AC?

Everyone needs an air conditioning unit during hot summers, especially a portable one that can be taken anywhere. The Blaux Portable AC offers better air quality and is available in many countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.


There is no doubt the summer heat is coming and people need to think about all of the proper ways to protect themselves from overheating and extreme temperatures. While there is a pleasant space cooling benefit, the downside of draining yourself of exhausting heat could be immense if not dealt with properly. Now, as technology improves and innovation comes to the forefront, the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is taking the world by storm to help users beat the summer heat once and for all.

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Blaux Personal Portable Air Condtioner Details

Newly launched on the market, the Blaux Portable is a personal air conditioning device that not only regulates the temperature, it also removes harmful airborne particles. What’s even more amazing about it is its portability, not to mention that it saves its owners a lot of money on energy, provided it’s installed correctly and properly maintained.

Besides, it works as an air cooler, a fan, and also a humidifier. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet in order to work. When it comes to how it does its job, the Blaux Portable AC pulls in all the dust particles in the air by using a very powerful filter. This means that it makes the air cleaner and gives a refreshing smell.

This device still needs to be charged from time to time. For this, it uses a type-C cable. Its fan has 3 different speeds that can be adjusted according to preferences. It’s very easy to use this AC unit, as it only need a refill and a recharge once in a while. As far as its Power mode goes, uses a USB.


This Blaux Portable unit runs quietly in the area of use at only 40 dB or under. The Blaux battery lasts for as much as 8 hours in the 1st gear, 4.5 hours in the 2nd, and 2.5 in the 3rd.

Blaux Personal AC: Most Important Features

The most important features of the Blaux Portable AC device are of course the ones related to humidifying and purifying the air, but there are also others that should be taken into consideration.

*** Compact and Elegant Design ***

The Blaux Portable AC looks good in the decor of any home or office, available in 2 shades of white or gray, it’s very compact, so hardly noticeable.

*** Air Filtering ***

The Blaux air conditioning unit works as both a cooler and a humidifier. Which indicates it removes harmful particles from the air, particles that can harm or damage the health of all those breathing that air in the room.

*** Increased Portability ***

The Blaux Portable AC is a cordless air cooler or a just used as a regular fan or a room humidifier and can be taken anywhere, be it at the gym, the office or from room to room.

*** Long Battery Life ***

The battery life is long lasting, and this AC doesn’t need to always be plugged in. As a matter of fact, the battery can withstand an entire day of continuous use on the rechargeable desktop air cooler and humidifier.

*** Easy to Clean ***

Because it attracts dirt and moisture, this 3-in-1 air cooler needs to be cleaned occasionally, the replaceable water curtain lasts approximately 6-8 months., so that its mesh holes can operate efficiently. However, this can be easily done with disinfectant and a soft cloth.

*** Indicator for Charging and Power ***

The LED embedded on the Blaux Portable AC’s surface keeps its users aware of the unit’s charging status and how much power it has left.

*** 3 Modes for Fan Adjusting ***

The built-in fan system of this device controls the speed at which the air flows through it. This means the power reduction is reduced at lower speeds when there’s no need for the AC to be more powerful, like for example, when the weather outside is not so hot.

*** Low Volume Noise ***

As said before, the Blaux Portable AC makes only a 40 dB noise, which is barely noticeable and allows those who are in the same room as it to work or sleep peacefully. Many other air conditioning units on the market make a lot of noise.

How does the Blaux Portable AC Work?

The small battery that the Blaux Portable AC needs is lithium. This battery can easily be charged through a USB cable, just like a smartphone gets charged. Besides, it has prolonged life, so this unit can work continuously for an entire day without being plugged.

Furthermore, this AC is built around the principle of thermoelectric cooling. Having DC electricity on one of its sides and AC electricity on the other side, it keeps its heated part at the room’s temperature, all while the AC part stays cool and gradually brings the temperature down.

The air gets cooled when going through the vent, so this is how the Blaux Portable AC works. At the same time, it’s designed to clean the air and to kill harmful bacteria present in it, so its perfect for those who have an allergy to dust.

Blaux Personal Air Conditioning Benefits

Giving a rundown to Blaux Portable AC’s benefits, here are the most important ones:

It doesn’t have to be installed by a professional

Doesn’t use too much power for smalls spaces

Compact, so ideal for limited rooms

Models with heat function can be used during winter too

Easy to use and to clean

Can be taken anywhere

Has an elegant design that makes it look good in any home

Offers a 30-day return policy

Taking note of all these benefits, it can easily be said the Blaux Portable AC is perfect as an air cooler and also as a purifier, especially for those who live in areas with high temperatures. Besides, it even controls allergens and dust from the users home.

How to Use the Blaux Portable AC Device?

The Blaux Portable AC device is very easy to use. Just by taking a look at its capacity, one can find out that it needs to be fully charged before the first use, which can take a few hours to charge.

When charged, its icebox needs some ice cubes in order to start and to keep operating for several hours. The ice cubes cool the air and spread the coolness in the room in which this unit is being used. When the battery runs out, the AC can just be plugged into a power source and with the charging cable that comes with it.

Here are the exact steps on how the Blaux Portable AC should be set up:

Tap water should be added through the unit’s top

The water curtain needs to be put in and changed every 6 to 8 months

After, the device needs to be turned on and it will begin working

Why Do People Need the Blaux Portable AC?

Consumers want and need to breathe in clean air, the Blaux Portable AC unit could possibly offer everyone an opportunity to do so, it ensures the health of individuals by cleaning the air and reducing their excess of active oxygen through a negative ion.

Since it doesn’t use ozone or any refrigerant, this device offers protection too.

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Where Can the Blaux Portable AC Be Purchased?

At the moment, the Blaux Portable AC can only be bought online, preferably from the official website of the manufacturer. This reasoning is to prevent fake sellers of the Blaux be avoided and for customer support services to become activated.

The company making this device accepts many methods of payment, including VISA, Amex, MasterCard, and PayPal. It secures payments with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

For a limited period of time only, the Blaux Portable AC can be bought at half price. While it may not be the cheapest gadget of its kind on the market, it definitely comes at a more than reasonable price, considering what it can do.

As it stands today, 1 Blaux Personal Portable AC device retails for $192.99 per unit. However, for a limited time introductory price only, the Blaux Personal Air Conditioner is offering massive discounts:

One Blaux Personal Air Conditioning unit costs $124.99

Two Blaux Personal Air Conditioning unit costs $249.98

Three Blaux Personal Air Conditioning unit costs $281.23

Four Blaux Personal Air Conditioning unit costs is $343.72

Who Makes the Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC is developed by Blaux, which is a branch of Hong Kong-based Strong Current Enterprises, an outlet for online shopping. Strong Current Enterprises can be contacted by mail at the following address:

68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Contact phone numbers are:

609-414-7087 for the US

778-300-0854 for Canada

08708 200084 for those who live in the UK and Ireland

(02) 8607 8316 for customers from Australia and New Zealand

Those customers that may want to return the cooling unit will find the Blaux Portable AC customer support to be very friendly as far as making a replacement goes and even when they may have a question.

Blaux Portable AC Review Conclusion

The Blaux Portable AC unit is ideal for those humid and hot days with the easy set up of the unit and only takes a few minuets to charge. It can save its consumers money when it comes to power consumption when compared to utility bills from running a window air conditioner or a central air unit. Furthermore, it’s available worldwide and at a 50% discount for a limited time period.

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