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New ‘busy beaver’ mural project on the way in Beaver Dam

April 9, 2018

A new mural project is on the way in Beaver Dam.

After last year’s Walldogs Mural Festival brought about 15 new murals to downtown, resident Marilyn Thomas is spearheading a new project to be designed by children in the community.

The mural competition will collect artwork from elementary, middle and high school students showing beavers at work: sawing, painting, playing an instrument, performing a stunt -- anything, as long as they look busy.

Jessalyn Braun, the executive director of the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association, will move the winning images into a marsh setting, which will then be projected onto a wall and transformed into a mural.

The location of the mural and exact date it will be painted is to be determined.

“The purpose is to get the children involved in their own community,” Thomas said. “It’s to create pride in Beaver Dam and of course continue the mural project.”

She said she would like youngsters to take pride in the beavers they sketched as kids, immortalized on a downtown wall.

Students can drop off their designs at the Seippel Center, home of the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association, at 1605 N. Spring St.

The deadline is May 15. Submissions should be made on a standard 8.5-by-11-inch piece of paper.

Individuals, organizations and leaders in the community continue to think about how to change the buildings and alleys of downtown with art in the future, whether with new murals, plants and lighting, window designs and brighter colors.

Efforts will strive to include local artists and young people.

“It would really be unique and draw tourism and make our downtown more lively,” said Ruth Metz, who with husband Jim founded Animart. She has already painted clever murals in the alley behind her building on Front Street.