Cleveland’s punkabilly Cowslingers reunite for rare show at Beachland

January 4, 2018 GMT

Cleveland’s punkabilly Cowslingers reunite for rare show at Beachland

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Reunions often come with all sorts of baggage, carried over many years and thousands of miles.

There’s the whole thing about how the band ended. The simmering resentments. The old wounds. The money feuds.

Then there’s this reunion by the Cowslingers. It’s as if the storied rockabilly punks just wanted to hang out together again for a night and drink some beer.

Ac, 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland. Also on the bill are Lords of the Highway. $10 Go to beachlandballroom.com or call 216-383-1124.


The show doubles as a record-release bash for the band -- singer Greg Miller, guitarist Bobby Latina, bassist Ken Miller and drummer Leo Love.

Well, sort of: The band is very low-key about its new disc, “Real Big Rooster.”

“We did a small pressing of CDs for the show, but we’re mostly selling it on our bandcamp,” says Greg Miller, referring to the site, thecowslingers.bandcamp.com. “We’re really doing it for fun because Ken is back in town and we figured it would be cool to get this record out that we’ve been working on for a while.”

During its initial 15-year stampede, nothing about the Cowslingers was low-key.

Formed in 1989, the band barnstormed the world, playing more than 600 gigs, from West Virginia to Spain, Seattle to Germany.

The Cowslingers’ whomp-and-stomp sound cruised as many musical paths. Over nine albums, 12 singles and two EPs, the band explored dusty detours, from country to punk to rockabilly to hard rock to garage rock.

That eclecticism — and Greg Miller’s irreverent attitude, yelps and howls — set the cow-punks apart from the herd. It also led to a number of reunion offers after the band called it quits in 2004, with Latina carrying on in the Jack Fords and the others forming the Whiskey Daredevils.

“We’ve gotten back together for a few shows and remained friends,” says Greg Miller. “We recorded here and there, very casually. We never gave much thought or talked about recording or doing shows... We just booked a show in Cleveland and Cincinnati and Columbus. Who knows, we might do more...”