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Letters To The Editor 8/11/2018

August 11, 2018 GMT

Festival triumphs

Editor: On behalf of the many who will benefit, we write to express sincere appreciation to all in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania whose support and presence made possible the success of the annual St. Joseph’s Center Summer Festival, the Go Joe Bike Ride and WNEP TV-16 Telethon for St. Joe’s.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. The outpouring of community love and support for the mission of St. Joseph’s Center is overwhelming.

For Go Joe 21, WNEP’s Joe Snedeker pedaled from Quincy, Massachusetts, to the festival. Each year, he shows his dedication to the people who are assisted through the many programs and services offered by St. Joe’s. To each of the corporate sponsors, individual donors and all who showed up for Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Day, we offer our most sincere thanks.

Our gratitude is great for the entire team at WNEP-TV involved with the production of the telethon. Each year, the telethon tells a few of the stories of accomplishment and love that makes St. Joseph’s Center such a special place. Those who watched and donated affirmed the important message shared by the telethon.

We are privileged to host the festival on the beautiful campus of Marywood University. We offer our thanks to Sister Mary Persico, I.H.M., Marywood president, and the many staff members who extend their hospitality and cooperation. The greatest blessing is the experience of coming together as a community to affirm those served by St. Joseph’s Center and provide meaningful life opportunities to enable each one to achieve his or her God-given potential.

It isn’t possible to list all of the individuals, families, businesses, faith communities and organizations who gave generously of themselves as volunteers, organizers, donors and patrons. To each, we offer our most sincere thanks and promise to be good stewards of all that is entrusted to us.








End carriage rides

Editor: In many U.S. cities, horses suffer and die to entertain tourists in horse-drawn carriage rides.

At least 10 carriage horses reportedly have died just this year. This activity may seem fun to some people, however, horses often are worked to death carting visitors through the streets and parks, in freezing weather and extreme heat.

This practice is inhumane, and forces horses to pull a vehicle that weighs hundreds of pounds, while pounding their hooves on hard pavements and breathing exhaust from cars, buses and taxis. Unaccustomed to the urban environment, horses can be “spooked” easily and cause accidents that inflict great damage on vehicles, drivers and most often, the horses themselves.

After working these busy and unsafe streets, horses often are sold to auctions in Pennsylvania where they sometimes are sold to kill-buyers who transport the animals to Mexico or Canada to be brutally slaughtered for exported meat.

Horse-drawn carriages have been banned in many cities around the world, including London, Paris, Toronto and Beijing. Many U.S. cities also have banned them because of safety and congestion problems and humane concerns. I was delighted to learn that one horse carriage company in Philadelphia shut down in 2017.




Allied care praised

Editor: I recently had major back surgery and spent two weeks recuperating at Allied Services on the Morgan Highway in Scranton.

Every person I encountered, from the cleaning staff and meal servers to the nursing staff, the physical and occupational therapists, the social workers and the pharmacists and doctors, treated me as if I was the only patient they had. I was astounded and impressed by their high level of care, compassion and professionalism.

I now receive Allied Home Health therapy and I am equally pleased with my care.




Respect undeserved

Editor: Since I do not respect President Donald Trump as a man, a husband or even a human being I am unable to respect him as president.

Respect is earned, not something won like a trophy. Since Lillian Tomillo (“Pray for president,” Aug. 4) quoted Bible verses and asked readers to pray for him, I have to ask: What does your God say about fidelity, compassion, morality, honesty, humility and people that turn their backs on such traits?




Consistently nasty

Editor: Trump, Trump, Trump; let’s change the subject.

From president to precedent here’s my take: How about those New York Mets? They went from first place to last in nearly unprecedented time.

We’re open for discussion as we watch our president’s perplexing actions — quite possibly — lead him to become “un-presidented.” Add to that the president’s mean-spirited comments blaming California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, former President Obama and of course, Democrats, for wildfires engulfing large areas of California.

There has not been one word of encouragement from him. He can be counted on always for his negative and vindictive comments.

I hope that the upcoming elections will send a clear message to our TV personality-turned-wannabe president and his gang that we’re sick and tired of their lies and we’re not going to take it anymore.