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Moped rider ticketed for being in bike lane, crashed into car, Madison police say

April 20, 2019

A moped rider was ticketed for driving her moped in the bicycles-only lane on South Park Street Thursday afternoon, the woman getting injured when the moped hit a car making a turn.

The 20-year-old Downtown resident suffered a concussion and facial injuries in the crash, that happened at about 5:10 p.m. at the intersection with Chandler Street, Madison police said.

“Witnesses said the woman was going relatively fast, between 25 and 30 mph, when the moped hit the rear of a car that had just about completed a left turn from northbound South Park Street onto Chandler Street,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The car driver, who was not impaired, had checked the bicycle lane before making the turn, and didn’t see any bicycles in the lane.

The moped rider was not wearing a helmet.

The car driver was not issued a ticket.