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Preemies born at Danbury Hospital celebrate first year

January 21, 2019 GMT

DANBURY — Twin babies who were born 2 1/2 months early at Danbury Hospital recently celebrated their first birthday.

When born, one of the twin’s was 2.5 pounds and the other was 1.5 pounds, making her one of the smallest babies ever birthed at the hospital.

Less than 1.08 percent of babies are born under 3.25 pounds.

One of the babies spent 74 days in the NICU and the other spent 99 days.

Carolyn Conant of Newtown had a “textbook pregnancy” with her first daughter Teagan, so she was shocked when there were complications with this second pregnancy with twins.

Mabel, her daughter was not growing because of a placenta issue the doctors noticed 20 weeks into the pregnancy.


Carolyn was monitored closely and the babies were born premature at 28 weeks. Mabel spent 99 days in the NICU at Danbury Hospital and Barton her brother spent 74 days.