Corpus Christi hosts upcoming cat show

October 17, 2016

HARLINGEN — Montreal, Helsinki, Beijing and Tokyo may be out of the question, but there is a cat show coming up next month that’s almost local.

The International Feline Showcase will be held in Corpus Christi Nov. 25-27, and it will be the closest major cat show to the Rio Grande Valley.

Until next year that is, when Corpus Christi hosts the cat Super Bowl, The International Cat Association Annual.

“That’s the big deal,” said Leslie Bowers, business manager for Harlingen-based TICA.

Both cat shows are recognized by TICA.

“Usually it’s between 150 and 180 cats,” Fate Mays, president of TICA and a judge in the Corpus Christi show, said of the upcoming Corpus Christi event.

“Every breed has a recognized standard so the judges will judge that cat against that written standard,” Mays continued. “Then all breeds are judged against one another and ultimately the top 10 are brought back for the finals.”

The show will consist of 18 rings with 16 all-breed and two specialty breeds.

Judges for Friday’s session will be Yvonne Patrick, Mays, Al Walbrun, Kay DeVilbiss, Donna Armel and Jim Armel.

On Saturday and Sunday, judges are Bobbie Tullo, Joe Edwards, Marylou Anderson, Pascale Portelas, Ana Maria Sosa, Harley DeVilbiss, Karen Stinson, Alexandra Chisholm, Pascale Portelas, Canie Brooks, Charlotte Shea and Jamie Christian

Show managers are Jim Armel and Marty Young.