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The Released Hostages: Where Are They Now? With PM-Hostages, Bjt

December 5, 1991 GMT

Undated (AP) _ Here is a brief look at where America’s former Lebanon hostages are now:

- Frank Regier, 63, kidnapped Feb. 10, 1984, by abductors believed to be members of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah, or Party of God. He was chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department at the American University of Beirut. Shiite Amal militiamen rescued him on April 15, 1984. He is now an engineer with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Cleveland.

- Jerry Levin, 59, then Beirut bureau chief for CNN, kidnapped March 7, 1984, gained his freedom Feb. 14, 1985. He said he escaped; Islamic Jihad said it freed him. He is now news and information director for World Vision, United States, a Christian relief and development organization based in Monrovia, Calif. His wife, Sis Levine, wrote a book, ″Beirut Diary,″ based on his captivity. It was turned into a made-for-TV movie, ″Held Hostage.″

- The Rev. Benjamin Weir, 67, a Presbyterian minister in Beirut, kidnapped May 8, 1984, and freed Sept. 9, 1985. Professor of mission and evangelism at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, Calif.

- The Rev. Lawrence Jenco, 57, a priest who was a Catholic relief official in Beirut, abducted Jan. 8, 1985, and released July 26, 1986. Campus minister at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles.

- David Jacobsen, 60, administrator at the American University of Beirut hospital, kidnapped May 28, 1985, and freed Nov. 2, 1986. Worked for 18 months as a hospital administrator in Durango, Colo. Now lives in Huntington Beach, Calif. Lectures and writes. His book, ″Hostage: My Nightmare in Beirut,″ was published in August.

- Charles Glass, 40, on leave from ABC to research a book when he was seized June 17, 1987. He gained his freedom - he said he escaped - Aug. 18, 1987. He subsequently returned to ABC and has again reported from the Middle East.

- Robert Polhill, 57, a business professor at Beirut University College, kidnapped Jan. 24, 1987, and freed April 22, 1990. Shortly after his release, it was discovered he had throat cancer. His voice box was removed. Now lives in Arlington, Va., and travels the country speaking on cancer and diabetes, from which he also suffers.

- Frank Reed, 59, director of elementary education at Beirut’s International College, abducted Sept. 9, 1986, freed April 30, 1990. Lives in Malden, Mass. Lectures at colleges and universities and is writing a book.


- Edward Tracy, 61, a wanderer and sometime writer, kidnapped Oct. 21, 1986, freed Aug. 11. Undergoing psychiatric treatment at the Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center.

- Jonathan Turner, 44, mathematics instructor at Beirut University College, kidnapped Jan. 24, 1987, and released Oct. 22. Returned home to Boise, Idaho, where he has been offered a part-time job teaching mathematics at Boise State University beginning next month.

- Thomas Sutherland, 60, acting agriculture dean at the American University of Beirut, abducted June 9, 1985, and released Nov. 18. Returned home to Fort Collins, Colo., where he had been an animal sciences professor at Colorado State University before going to Lebanon. He plans to meet with the Beirut university’s dean soon to discuss a possible return.

- Joseph Cicippio, 61, comptroller at the American University of Beirut, kidnapped Sept. 12, 1986, freed Dec. 2.

- Alann Steen, 52, journalism instructor at Beirut University College, kidnapped Jan. 24, 1987, freed Dec. 3.

- Terry Anderson, 44, chief Mideast correspondent of The Associated Press, kidnapped March 16, 1985, freed Dec. 4.

Three American hostages were slain:

- William Buckley, 57, CIA station chief in Beirut, kidnapped March 16, 1984. Islamic Jihad said Oct. 4, 1985, it killed Buckley, and U.S. officials later confirmed his death. But no body was found.

- Peter Kilburn, 62, an American University of Beirut librarian, disappeared Dec. 3, 1984, and was found shot to death with two British hostages April 17, 1986. A nearby note said Arab Revolutionary Cells killed them in retaliation for a U.S. air attack on Libya.

- Marine Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, serving with U.N. observers, kidnapped Feb. 17, 1988. His captors released a videotape July 31, 1989, showing Higgins’ body hanging from a makeshift gallows.