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Charles Gives Perot Churchill Award With AM-Perot-Churchill.

February 19, 1986 GMT

DALLAS (AP) _ At a banquet fit for a king, Britain’s Prince Charles presented Texas billionaire and computer magnate H. Ross Perot with the Winston Churchill Award late Tuesday at the end of a day-long visit to Dallas.

In presenting the award to the 55-year-old businessman, the Prince of Wales praised Perot as a man of ″bold imagination, pioneering spirit and dynamic leadership,″ attributes which he said were exemplified by the man in whose name the award was presented.

Perot, the 55-year-old founder of Electronic Data Systems, is the third person and the first businessman to receive the Churchill Award, which was begun in 1981 and is given those who best epitomize the British statesman’s spirit.

Perot is known for such ventures as his thwarted attempt in 1969 to fly into Hanoi to give American prisoners of war medical supplies and Christmas dinners.

He also financed of a successful 1979 mission to rescue two of his employees from an Iranian prison. The rescue became the subject of a best- selling book, ″On Wings of Eagles.″

The presentation at the posh Loews Anatole Hotel was made at a banquet whose guests included first lady Nancy Reagan. The evening featured caviar and crabmeat, veal and vegetables and plenty of music.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club all performed throughout the evening.

Earlier in the day, the prince toured a high-tech industrial plant and ate lunch with city officials.

The heir to the British throne, who is traveling without his wife, Princess Diana, received a yellow rose - symbolic of Texas - after touring Electra Communications Corp., a fiber optics manufacturing plant.

His trip to the Lone Star State is billed as a kickoff for the Texas Sesquicentennial, the state’s 150th anniversary celebration of its independence from Mexico.

″I seem to be becoming a professional Sesquicentennial celebrator,″ Charles said during a luncheon speech at City Hall, referring to his visit last fall to Australia’s Victoria State to help it celebrate its 150th anniversary. ″What have I done to deserve it? Am I that prematurely aged?″

Charles intended to come to Dallas primarily to give Perot the award. But after hearing of the Sesquicentennial, he extended his trip to include three other cities andSesquicentennial-related events.


Before meeting about 90 Electra employees lined up outside the plant Tuesday morning, the Prince of Wales visited with company officials.

Electra is a joint venture between Cable the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and Wireless Inc. of New York, whose parent firm is Cable and Wireless of Great Britain.

After the tour, he met with company board members and was presented a plaque bearing the Sesquicentennial emblem and a company logo. Charles received the rose from Billye Chandler of Fort Worth, the wife of a contractor involved with Electra Communications.

Prince Charles then traveled to City Hall to lunch with Mayor A. Starke Taylor and other city officials.

After lunch, the crowd made three toasts - to the health of President Reagan and Queen Elizabeth and to Texas.

During his speech, Prince Charles emphasized the importance of trade and business between the Texas and Great Britain. He said h sympathized with Texans ″with your present predicament″ over plunging oil prices.

″But being Texas, I am sure someone will make some money out of this situation,″ Prince Charles said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Prince Charles arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Monday. He plans to go to Houston, Austin and San Antonio before he jets to Palm Springs, Calif. on Friday.