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Cell Phone Tracker Apps (With GPS Tracking) – Find The Best One With Our Guide! by Phone Tracker

December 18, 2020 GMT

12/18/2020, New York,NA // KISSPR //

Browsing the best cell phone tracker apps will give you the option to track people in your life with nothing but a few taps on your screen. It is important to see such tools as tracking tools, rather than spying equipment. They are designed for certain categories of people and can bring in a series of benefits in the long run. BTW, You Can Get The Best App Right Here!

Mobile tracking has evolved over the past decade. Back then, it used to be suitable for private detectives only. These days, anyone can get such an app, install it on another gadget and track all the activities associated with the target. A cell phone tracker is likely to provide more than just the actual location of the target. But what else should you know before making a final decision? Monitor all your children’s activity and make sure they are safe, this app will help!


How a GPS phone tracker works

Almost every phone tracker out there must be installed on the target’s device first. Practically, you cannot just follow a certain mobile phone without having physical access to it – sure, there are ways to do that too, but they are mostly restricted to law enforcement uses. Just Get The Best Tracking App!

A GPS phone tracker will activate the GPS system in the device, which shows the precise location of the device. GPS is practically a navigation system relying on satellite networks. They work all over the world, assuming the signal is decent. The GPS receiver connects to the signal and shows the specific distance.

In the attempt to provide a better experience, you are less likely to find a phone tracker app that only reveals the location of your target. In order to attract more customers, most of these apps will also provide access to calls, texts, messages, emails, social media activities, galleries, calendars or browsing histories. BTW, You Can Get The Best App Right Here!

What makes tracking smartphone devices so popular today

There are more reasons wherefore a GPS tracker iPhone or a GPS tracker Android app will be handy. Most people get them when they buy their kids’ first smartphones. You want to know where your kid is, make sure they are going to school or spend their time where they tell you – no time for lies, especially in today’s dangerous world.


On another note, many employers also provide work smartphones to their workers. At this point, a cell phone tracker will prove useful to ensure workers do what they are supposed to do. You do not want them spending three hours a day on the Internet, talking to their friends or going to the wrong places – excellent to ensure they do what they are paid to do.

You may find it a bit unusual, but someone who gets the best cell phone tracker apps for a family member or an employee will most likely install it on their devices as well. Sure, they are not about to spy on themselves, but such an app can prove handy if they lose their devices. Some of them are so advanced that will send notifications even if the phone is turned off.

Now that you understand the benefits of a GPS phone tracker, what kind of options do you have?

Built in applications to find devices

This option is great if you lose the phone. You can also check on someone else’s phone, assuming they use the same account or you know their account details. You can use a GPS tracker Android and locate a device with the Android Device Manager features.

The same rule applies to iOS users. Whether the phone is misplaced or stolen, the Find My iPhone function will locate it on a map straight away. Again, you can use it for someone else assuming you know their credentials.

These are the basic options to locate a smartphone. They are quite simple, yet efficient. Whether you want more information regarding a smartphone or you do not have your user’s credentials, you can always rely on third party apps. Such a mobile phone tracker will have to be installed on the respective device first. It will run in stealth mode, so it will be invisible – you do need physical access to the device first.

These applications are often referred to as cellphone spy apps and there are lots of options out there. Features are relatively similar, but capabilities vary widely. It is totally up to what kind of information you need.

Requirements vary between iOS and Android users. If you want to spy on an Android phone, you will need access to it. You will have to install the app manually. If you want to use a mobile GPS tracker iPhone, you can do it remotely – assuming that you have the target’s iCloud information.

Issues associated with third party applications

Using a third party mobile phone tracker app is practically an invasion of privacy. This is why such apps must be used with monitoring purposes, rather than spying purposes. If you look at the best cell phone tracker apps for your employees, make sure they know their smartphones are being monitored – it is better to prevent issues instead of trying to fix them.

You may want to consider local laws and regulations involving privacy. After all, you do not want to end up with more trouble. Generally speaking, phone tracking and monitoring should be done with the target’s permission. There is one exception though – children. You are the legal guardian until they reach the legal age – usually 18, so you have the right to monitor them.

Now, what do you need to look for in the best cell phone tracker apps on the market and how do you choose the most suitable one?

Real time tracking

Real time tracking is important most of the time and it could make the difference between preventing a problem and fixing it. Ideally, it must log locations, but also point the most visited locations. If you keep an eye on your kid, your home and school should be the main places of interest. Other than that, if the subject is moving, the app should be able to show movement in real time – or show a different location whenever you refresh it.

Location logging

Logging is not just about the actual location. Your kid or employee might stop on a random road for 10 minutes. You have no idea what they are doing there, but they might be stopped to get a can from a store. Apart from the actual location, the mobile cell phone tracker must also show the time, coordinates and geographical address. You need to know how much time someone has spent in there in order to figure out what is going on.

Street view

This option is not available in every GPS phone tracker, but it can be very handy when you try to understand what is happening. Your kid is stopped somewhere for half an hour. Is it a rough area? Is it a playground? Even if your mobile phone is stolen, you still want to get a close view of its potential location. You can assess the situation in a more efficient manner.

SIM card tracking

This is another great feature to have in a mobile phone tracker. This feature is not that popular though, but a little research through the best cell phone tracker apps will reveal some good options. It is normally based on a cellular connection in order to give you relatively a good location. It also provides extra details about the device, such as the network operator or the IMEI number.

Extra features

Extra features represent the most exciting part when tracking smartphone devices. Sure, the location is mandatory when trying to get an idea about someone’s location, but you also want to know what they use the phone for.

Imagine your child being approached by a predator over the Internet. Imagine telling you they spend the night over to a school mate, only to realize they are in a club. Kids do lie about things, especially things that they are not allowed to do. Therefore, expect to have some big surprises – make sure you do not mention anything or you could ruin the relationship.

You also want access to your kid’s calendar, gallery, contacts, texts, emails, social media activities and so on. You might as well invest in a mobile phone tracker app that will turn the microphone on whenever you need it – you could literally listen to what your kid is doing in real time. You can also record conversations and see what they are up to.


Bottom line, browsing the best cell phone tracker apps will give you some good options to try out. Again, there are rules against spying on people. You can do it legally on your kid or have your employees and partner know about it. Some apps are referred to as family tracking apps – great for your peace of mind.

Deciding on the best software is a matter of personal preferences and features. Try to get the best value for money – features that you actually need, rather than features that might be cool to have.

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