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Hospitality businesses focus on holiday staff

September 9, 2018 GMT

The holidays are filled with plenty of cheer, so parties, events and gatherings are always happening. To help with the additional work that these bring with them, restaurants, bars, caterers, and event venues often hire extra staff for this busy event season.

“We are looking for bartenders, waiters who may be working buffet or line serving, shop crew, and event managers,” said Angela Eatla, director of staffing at The Revaire, a newly refurbished event space on Old Katy Road. “These are all part-time positions.”

When asked if they were looking for experienced people, Eatla responded by saying they do have their own training program there.


The demand is strong throughout the area.

“We are looking for hosts, servers and bartenders,” said Susan Wu, general manager of The General Public/Bowl and Barrel. “These are full-time positions.”

Wu added that it would be helpful if applicants were experienced.

Anyone interested in a seasonal job can look at Monster.com, Snagajob.com or Simplyhired.com, all of which currently have a number of hospitality job openings.

What types of workers do best in hospitality jobs? Experts say it is those who have shown real talent, passion and drive for it. They also need a combination of excellent people skills and business acumen.

While many employers ideally look for experienced employees, they will also hire employees with no experience and train them themselves.

It depends on the type of establishment, as to whether having experience or not is a deal-breaker.

Businesses typically like to hire seasonal employees early enough so they can complete training, get acclimated and be ready to start work before the holidays, when there will be a surge of business.

Due to this, anyone looking for a hospitality job for the holidays should start looking right away.

When asked what percentage of Houston-area employers in the restaurant and hospitality industries plan to hire additional staff for this year’s holiday season, Melissa Stewart, director of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association, said, “For seasonal hiring I think 50 percent is probably accurate, although I would venture a guess that at least that percentage of our restaurants … could be looking to add staff permanently.”

The holidays is a great time to work and earn extra money. These jobs can also be a fun opportunity to try something new. Apply early and be as flexible with your schedule as you can.


Some employers want applicants to apply online, while others want them to apply in person. Many of these jobs are part time. Some can lead to permanent employment.

Restaurants provide rewarding career opportunities for millions of Americans.

It’s estimated that eight out of 10 restaurant owners started at entry level, illustrating the opportunities the industry offers.

For information about The Revaire, visit www.therevaire.com, or call 713-962-2248.

For information about The General Public, visit www.thegenpublic.com, or call 832-690-4450.