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Love for Wayne County a push in commission race

October 31, 2018 GMT

Both Democrat Jeff Maddox and Republican E. Jay Marcum have deemed the love for their home and its people as a major motivation for running for the open seat.

Maddox said his love for home and the need for change are major factors in his political race.

“I often refer to Wayne County as God’s country and I really do feel that way,” Maddox said. “I am like many of you, I could live anywhere but chose Wayne County as my home. I plan to use my business experience and leadership skills to sell Wayne County and enhance the economy while doing all I can in my position to make Wayne County a safer place for your family and mine.”

In a similar notion, Marcum hopes the commissioner title will advance his mission to constantly help people.

“Being born and raised in Wayne County combined with my desire to help people started me down this path to the commission,” Marcum said. “My wife accuses me of trying to help people even when it seems impossible. ... My plans are to help our county face the many obstacles we have using my knowledge and years of common sense to create a better future for us all.”

Maddox, a business owner and award winning real estate broker, said his experience running a business could be a benefit in pushing for Wayne County.

“I am definitely old school when it comes to problem resolution,” Maddox said. “We have to define what we want to accomplish, then determine if it can be done or not, then determine how we would go about it. If it’s something we are committed to, make a plan and do it. If not, there’s no sense talking it to death.”

Maddox deems lack of economic development, the drug epidemic, the annual cost of over $1 million to house prisoners and the increasing health care costs for county employees as problems he would like to fix.

Marcum echoed tackling the drug epidemic and prisoner costs as problems and added a need in better managing the county’s resources, keeping budgets under control and increasing efforts to provide better county services.

He said solving these problems comes down to education, technological advances and research for improvement.

“Having quality people, educated and experienced with accurate information, is the start for any successful plan,” Marcum said. “New technologies and ideas will help our county. All projects should be researched well and staffed with local people when possible. I believe there is room for improvement, to stop waste and streamline every program or department in Wayne County.”

Ultimately, Maddox or Marcum would be partially in charge of budgeting for the county, among other duties.

Maddox said being frugal is key.

“I am fiscally conservative, as those that know me will attest, and I will watch your money as I watch my own,” he said. “Our county is not unlike your household; you better not spend more than you bring in. So, our emphasis must be to attract business and the tax dollars that they bring with them.”

Marcum said using money smart and being up to date will guide his budgeting decisions.

“My goal is to use my years of experience in business and industry to eliminate wasted tax dollars in our county, asking the hard questions, streamlining out of date programs, cutting wasteful spending and then list our priorities based on the needs of our residents today and not from years ago,” Marcum said. “Our county needs to be brought up to date.”