Central California town without water for days due to algae

June 24, 2020 GMT

DOS PALOS, Calif. (AP) — Residents of a town in central California won’t have water for several days after the town’s water treatment plant became clogged with algae, officials said.

The water outage in Dos Palos started Monday, when the city declared a water emergency and urged the town’s 5,000 residents to use only boiled tap water for drinking and cooking to avoid stomach or intestinal illness.

Residents should be prepared for their water to be cut off for at least three days, officials said in a statement posted on Facebook that drew dozens of comments from residents. Some said that with current temperatures reaching triple digits, they depend on water-run systems to keep their homes cool.


According to the city, water with high algae levels takes longer to treat. In order to replenish its storage, the water plant was forced to shut down late nights and early mornings. The city said the plant is not able to produce water faster than it is being used by the public, the Merced Sun Star reported.

Dos Palos receives raw water via pipeline from the California Aqueduct which is located 18 miles from the city. Local and state crews are working to install a temporary filtration system and additives to reduce the algae concentration, according to a news release.

A similar incident occurred in late 2013 when algae caused water to be shut off for a week, officials said.