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Woman accuses salon of ruining wedding day, sues for another

January 8, 1997

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ A woman is suing a beauty salon for the cost of a new wedding, saying the shop made her hair turn colors before her ceremony and then made her look like hair-covered Cousin Itt of the ``Addams Family.″

``It was horrible,″ said April Asker, who is suing Private Quarters salon seeking more than $15,000 to cover another wedding, with new photos.

``I want another honeymoon and a new ceremony for me to feel normal again,″ she said.

The lawyer for salon owner Brenda Moss, Harold Mardenborough, said Wednesday that Ms. Asker’s suit was ``simply an attempt to squeeze money out of somebody by threatening their reputation.″

About a month before her January 1994 wedding, Ms. Asker went to Private Quarters to have her brown hair frosted. Chemicals used to lighten the hair were left on too long and turned it yellow, she said in the lawsuit filed Monday.

Stylists tried to repair the damage, but her hair went black one time and another time turned ``orange, just like a pumpkin,″ she said.

Several days later, she got more coloring and sores began developing on her scalp, she said.

On the night before her marriage to Amr Asker, she returned to the shop with her bridesmaids to have extensions woven in to make her hair look fuller and hide the other problems.

``The bridesmaids were all silent,″ she said. ``I looked like Cousin Itt,″ the long-haired, faceless character on ``Addams Family.″

Mardenborough said he would file a response within 20 days.

``It was her decision to have these things put in and now she’s complaining about it,″ he said of Ms. Asker.