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Two American Protesters Arrested in London

December 14, 1993 GMT

LONDON (AP) _ Three animal rights activists sent their message to Christmas shoppers Tuesday by parading naked except for Santa hats, gloves and an anti-fur banner. They were arrested by police.

The protesters, two of them American, attracted a large crowd of police, news photographers and gawkers on Regent Street in a busy Christmas shopping area.

Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals they wore banners that said, ″We’d rather go naked than wear fur.″

Ingrid Newkirk, 44, a co-founder of the U.S.-based organization, and Tracy Reiman, 25, both from Washington, D.C., were arrested with Anthony Jeffries, 28, from Deal, England.

Scotland Yard said they were arrested for disturbing the peace and were in police custody, but had not been charged.

″It is cold, but we are warmhearted,″ Ms. Reiman said, as police led the protesters away.

The weather was damp and cloudy Tuesday with a high temperature of 41 degrees.