Area Bus Route Changes Include New Stop at Leominster RMV

January 30, 2019

FITCHBURG -- As a result of level funding by the state and federal government, MART has made several adjustments to its bus routes, but also added several new stops, including to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Leominster.

“While none of our routes were eliminated, we did cut some ‘last loops’ on some and added new stops,” said Bonnie Mahoney, grants and communications manager for the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority.

The two biggest changes, she said, were the addition of four loops on the Route 9 bus to the RMV, which is located at 500 Research Drive at the edge of the Leominster city line near Sterling.

Before these stops were added, MART was not offering routine service to the RMV.

Route 9 also added two daily stops at the new Reliant Medical Group’s facility on New Lancaster Road. In December, Reliant consolidated its Fitchburg and Leominster offices at the new facility.

Mahoney also said Route 5 continues as before but the last loops for Routes 2, 6 and 7 were eliminated.

“We looked at all the late loops and read ridership and on those routes there was practically no one riding,” she said.

Route 7A, which was the loop into Lunenburg, was also eliminated because of ridership, she said.

However, MART does offer on-demand service for the stops, which were at Lunenburg Town Center, Meadow Wood Park, Lunenburg Crossing, Pearl Brook Apartments, CVS in the Whalom District and Emerald Place.

“It was like cutting the service without really cutting the service,” said Mahoney adding that anyone needed rides to those areas need only call MART to schedule and pick-up and drop-off.

Most of the last loops eliminated had been added in 2017, said Mahoney, when funding allowed.

She said an update map of the new route schedules should be posted to the MART website, www.mart.us no later than this Monday.