Annual blood drive hosted at Atascocita medical center, March 29

March 22, 2018

Residents are encouraged to take some time out of their week to donate blood to help save a life by Health Source Chiropractic and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center on March 29.

Known as the Atascocita Community Blood Drive, the event will start at 10 a.m. and take place at Health Source Chiropractic, which is located at 18477 W. Lake Houston Parkway Ste. 70, Humble.

“When (people) actually go and donate most of the time when they stick a needle in you, it’s like a slight pressure or maybe a bit of a sting in your arm where they have the needle in you. So it’s not anything that’s extremely painful by any means,” Bruce Guillory Health Source Chiropractic owner said.

People who are interested in donating must have big meal before doing so.

“Afterwards they always say, ’Hey make sure you don’t do anything really forceful with your arm that you donated from because it can cause the blood clot to break loose. And don’t do a lot of heavy duty exercise that night. It takes a some time for your body to replenish that blood,” Guillory said.

There will also be some prizes at the event such as a 1-hour massage, a dinner for two at a local Italian restaurant and other merchandise from local businesses. People who attend the event also get a chance to get a 15-minute chair massage.

“Every single day there’s people that need blood because of surgery, blood because of injuries whatever it may be,” Guillory said.