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Olivia Palermo has no fashion disasters

March 12, 2017 GMT

Olivia Palermo has never had a fashion disaster.

The 31-year-old socialite is known for her sense of style and admits she can’t ever remember wearing anything she’s later regretted.

Asked about her fashion disasters, she admitted: “Honestly, there is not one I can think of. But if I do think of any I will be sure to let you know.”

The former ‘City’ star’s best fashion tip is always to opt for something “classic” when unsure of what to wear.

Sharing her best style advice, she told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: “Be confident and buy pieces that you like. Great tips are to go for the classics and use accessories to create different looks...


“I’m sure there can be a risk of [being over-polished]. A look doesn’t need to be over-over-over done, just very elegant.”

And Olivia never wastes time planning her outfits in advance as she prefers to dress to suit her mood.

She said: “I put them together that day. My first suggestion is that it’s important to dress for you mood.”

The brunette beauty believes the key to looking great at all times is to have everything tailored to fit, and she insists it’s money well spent.

She added: “It is important to have a good tailor, it doesn’t matter where the garment is from - a little hemming or a tuck can make all the difference.”