#19. Baltimore Orioles: C Caleb Joseph

November 10, 2016 GMT

2016 WAR: -1.0By any measure, Joseph was horrible at the plate this season. In 49 games, the backup catcher hit .174/.216/.197 with just three extra base hits (all doubles). After adjusting for league and park factors, that performance was the 11th-worst offensive season in 50 years among hitters with at least 140 plate appearances.There are many stats that would depict Joseph’s ineptitude as a hitter, but none more than this: In 141 mostly bad plate appearances, Joseph did not record a single RBI. Not one! No sacrifice flies, no groundouts with a runner on third and less than two outs, no well-timed bloop singles. Since 1901, no position player has had more plate appearances in an RBI-less season than Joseph. In 2015, Joseph drove in 49 runs in 100 games and was worth 2.2 WAR, so perhaps he’ll rediscover that form in 2017. Whatever he does in the remainder of this MLB career, he’ll likely never have a worse slump than his season-long, fruitless quest to have an at-bat end with a run scored for his team.