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Orchids and Onions: Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 16, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the reader who doesn’t understand that nothing is free. LHUSD paid for those services in higher co-pays, premiums, deductibles and no raises for years. Everything that wasn’t offered at the center was much more expensive than under general insurance.

Onions to the front yard auto storage areas in front of numerous houses. I counted 17 in one yard. We need a proactive code enforcement. Make Havasu beautiful again.....please.

Onions to whoever is in charge. Making employees work over a period of 10 hours on their feet without a break is horrible. You’re lucky to have those girls; one day you might not.

Onions to the mail carrier who takes out the outgoing mail but doesn’t put the flag down. This has happened too many times.

Orchids to Riverview Vision. I love my new glasses. No problems at all. Your new office is great too.

Orchids to Lois who came to my aid when I fell checking my mail. Could not have gotten up without you. By the way, the A.D. should have read M D. Dinner’s on me. Ranger Terry.

Orchids to the fire department, paramedics, ambulance attendants and ER personnel for the care and compassion shown to me when bulging disks brought me to my knees. All of you were awesome. Special thanks to Gretchen and Michelle in the ER for taking the time to explain my condition and options.

Orchids to B-O Tires. Went in for an oil change and had a little problem with the front of the car, not sure what you call it, “the grill?” They fixed it for free. Way to go guys! Always great customer service. Linda 2007 Mustang

Orchids to Legrand Plumbing for the good service work by the two young men. After completing plumbing work they helped me with a problem I had moving a bed into the garage. Grateful for their extra help.

Orchids to Dominick Roselli. May God bless for your service to this wonderful country we live in. Welcome. Dave Lucy and the Raven

Onions to all the parents who drop off their kids at the middle school and either cut in front of the line or drop off in the front where you are not supposed to slow down!

Orchids to La Vita Dolce. We had an amazing birthday dinner there, your food and service is great and we will definitely be back soon! D and J


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