Rating role models

September 11, 2016

My childhood idols at age fourteen

Both on the field and movie screen

Cleveland Indians and Brooklyn Dodgers,

Humphrey Bogart and Roy Rogers.

Sought I to be the bravado character

To each was I the silent competitor.

All were icons of fortune and fame

In youth I hoped to be the same.

My first real love was Doris Day

Couldn’t put Lou Gehrig’s poster away

Knew Shirley Temple would always be fair

And Jimmy Stewart would never swear.

Red Skelton’s show required no bleeps

John Wayne always played for keeps,

Bravery and skill present time and again,

Mantel, Robinson, Mays and Hank Aaron.

Heroes were altruistic, caring and clever

I remember their actions and voices forever

The radio episodes I could not miss

Affection peaked with a simple kiss.

Though I never knew and never met

Heroes upon whom my sights were set

To all our champions from the past

This question is most often asked:

Do healthy role models exist today

In our community — not in a screenplay?

Are there heroes that are down to earth

Where example counts and has its worth?

We may never meet the musician or actor

Or play in the ballpark or become the master,

Yet for a moment in time let’s smell the fame

And follow a true hero’s homerun game.

Memories are quiet but drivers of dreams

Giving us hope when action seems,

To keep us tied to our current state

As if it were our only fate.

When it comes to devotion, look within

As most of these heroes are now has-been,

Set our own sites, surrender no goal

We are the actors in life’s real role.

Don Aslett of McCammon is the founder of The Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Ave., Pocatello, and still enjoys giving tours to all visitors. Check out the museum’s website at www.museumofclean.com.