Prosecutor dismissed charges from November carjacking

December 20, 2017 GMT

Charges against a former Rochester man accused of being involved in a carjacking have been dismissed.

Mohamed Mahad Mumin, 23, now of Minneapolis, was charged after the Nov. 1 incident with one count each of second-degree aggravated robbery and simple robbery, as well as two counts of motor vehicle theft, all felonies.

He pleaded not guilty Nov. 14 in Olmsted County District Court; the charges were all dismissed Thursday at the request of the prosecuting attorney, court documents show.

“We did some additional investigation, interviewed some more people and it became apparent that we could not prove (his involvement) beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem.

The incident was reported about 9:45 p.m. Nov. 1, sending police to the 700 block of West Center Street. A 53-year-old woman told them three men had just stolen her car, purse and cell phone.

The woman said she’d driven to a residence in northwest Rochester to pick up the daughter of a friend. When she arrived, the daughter no longer needed a ride, the report says, but asked if the victim could give the three men a ride downtown.

The woman agreed, but began to get a “bad feeling” when the men asked her to drive first to a Byron liquor store, then to a downtown hotel.

When she began to object, one of the men told her to stop the car and get out, or he’d shoot her. Though no gun was displayed, the victim believed she was in danger, said Capt. John Sherwin, and got out of the car.

The woman was able to flag down a passing motorist and call law enforcement.

Her vehicle had Onstar tracking, Sherwin said, allowing officers to find it about 90 minutes later in the 5300 block of King Arthur Drive Northwest.

Mumin and another man were inside, the report says, and were taken out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

The other man was not arrested; authorities don’t know the identity of the third male, Sherwin said.

The woman’s purse, wallet and cell phone were not recovered. No weapon was found inside the car.