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Three reasons to attend the BRIDGES Community Event on April 25

April 14, 2017 GMT

POCATELLO - BRIDGES is a southeast Idaho citizens group dedicated to building refugee independence and connections. BRIDGES is holding an informative community event Tuesday, April 25 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Community Room at the Marshall Public Library. All community members are invited to join us and learn more about welcoming refugees and bridging gaps of information, understanding, work, and living. This is a “drop-in” event where you can learn BRIDGES history, its mission, and ways to get involved. Here are three reasons to attend.

First, BRIDGES seeks to assist refuges in matching jobs with skill sets and experience. Your business or community organization can benefit from valuable connections with skilled, experienced, and bright individuals who are new to Idaho. Contrary to popular opinion, refugees want to work; they comprise a pool of talented professionals and skilled workers. According to the most recent available economic statistics, Idaho immigrants and refugees earned over $2 billion in 2014. Their businesses generated $84.7 billion in business income that same year. By networking with BRIDGES and community members, refugees contribute to public economic growth.

Second, there are several other ways BRIDGES helps in refugee transitions. BRIDGES volunteers may befriend and mentor refugees while they learn about the American language and culture. BRIDGES volunteers also request and organize donations to help meet individual and family needs. Additionally, BRIDGES volunteers may support and advise individuals in furthering their education. Fifty percent of cash donations to BRIDGES are allocated to educational scholarships. This allows refugees to upgrade skills or to earn college credits.

Third, BRIDGES seeks to broaden public understanding of who our refugees are, where they come from, and why they are here. Participation in BRIDGES is an opportunity to share diverse culture, food, history, music, art, religion, and stories of refugees and their successes.

Please invite your friends and neighbors to our “drop-in” event. We are excited to share our vision and potential opportunities with everyone in our community. You may contact BRIDGES on Facebook: bridgesidaho, or by email: refugeebridges@gmail.com.