Which food markets sell organic?

December 7, 2018

I enjoyed the article about the “new” Albertsons at DeVargas Center (“Albertsons gets an upgrade,” Dec. 3). It is cleaner and more inviting. I will enjoy being in the store more once I figure out where everything is. However, I take exception to your list of specialty grocers in Santa Fe because there is absolutely no mention of organic products either in the article or the list. Consumers need to know when they are ingesting GMO products and/or pesticide residues. I would appreciate a more enlightened approach to food stories in the future.

Stephanie Greene

Santa Fe

Taking control

Richard Block’s adamant opposition to open primary elections (“Open primaries are nuts,” My View, Dec. 2), is correct about one thing, but wrong about everything else. Yes, political parties are private clubs, not governmental bodies, registered in each state as nonprofit corporations. They essentially are an oligopoly that controls our democracy, including elections and which bills are introduced and passed into law.

Notably, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize or even mention political parties. Ideally we’d abolish political parties and force candidates to run as independents, but as a practical matter we can’t do it, because the Dems and Reps have the game rigged to protect their oligopoly. The next best option is to allow open primaries, so independent voters can disrupt the Democrats and Republicans and spoil their primaries. I can’t imagine why Block thinks we should respect and ratify the private clubs that have wrongly grabbed control of our government.

Linda Chavez

Santa Fe


They walked thousands of miles seeking safety. The toddlers wore diapers; some were barefoot; others, had well-worn flip-flops on their feet. The first to arrive we took from their mothers arms. “Shame!” said The World, and wondered, “How could the United States of America be so cruel?” The next to arrive we greeted with barbed wire and teargas. “Shame!” cries The World.

Katherine Quintana Ranck

Santa Fe

Above the law

Where is the equality and the justice when a well known local, Jerome Block Jr. — who already has multiple felony convictions even while serving in a powerful elected office — receives no jail time for breaking into the home of a sleeping couple to steal their property(“Ex-official pleads guilty to receiving stolen property,” Dec. 1)? Would the same leniency be granted to you and me? There’s something seriously wrong here.

Joan Sickler

Santa Fe

Right versus risk

Does a person have a right to park and walk out alone in a parking lot, late at night and go shopping? Of course. But consider if the risk is too high. Does a person have a right to ride a bicycle on the roadway (“Move over and make room for bicyclists,” Our View, Nov.20)? Of course. Consider the risks. Is it safe to ride on main artery roads during rush hours, day or night? Is the risk of injury and death too great? Does the bicyclist have a reasonable way to reduce the risk to an acceptable level? Is it really wise to push for city ordinances that reinforce our rights to put ourselves in a situation of unacceptable risk? Is it a right we really want?

Having a law, regulation, or ordinance which give a person the right to do something, hardly makes it safe or lowers the risk to their safety if they exercise their right. I wonder why citizens are more concerned about their right to put themselves in a dangerous situation than their own safety. Is it because it lays the groundwork for them to file a lawsuit when they get hurt? Is that more important than their own safety?

Dennis Martinez

Santa Fe

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