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Station Apologizes for Hoax

December 4, 1997 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ The hoax was no joke to Brett Favre.

KQRS radio station apologized for a hoax that led listeners to believe that the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who is married, was staying in a woman’s hotel room.

The station also said it fired the morning show announcer known as Cabe (pronounced CAB’-ee) after he told them Wednesday that an ``interview″ with the woman was a hoax. Favre was angered by the report.

Cabe pretended to be a room-service employee at a hotel in Minneapolis, where the Packers played the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. The station broadcast a 20-second exchange between Cabe and a woman who answered the door and said she wasn’t Favre’s wife and that he was in the shower. Then she slammed the door.

The station said Favre was not in the room and that it learned for the first time Wednesday that the woman was actually Cabe’s accomplice.

Favre went through drug rehabilitation last year after admitting to a painkiller addiction, but returned to lead his football team to a Super Bowl title last season.